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Conference Crafting: Making the Most Out of Your Disney Adventure Attending the SIOP annual conference is a highlight for many, and although the yearly trek is beneficial for many reasons, it is important to plan ahead and tailor your conference expe- rience in order to maximize the benefits. In particular, it is important to recognize that your personal needs and goals change as your career progresses. Whether you aim to net- work for a potential career, search for project collaborators, or want to gain insight into an emerging area of research, the specific aspects of the SIOP conference that you choose to capitalize on will change over time. In this TIP-Topics column, we present you with some important considerations and “TIPs” on how to craft your ideal conference experience. So pack your bags for Anaheim and the 2016 SIOP conference. Thomas Sasso Jessica Sorenson Grace Ewles University of Guelph Set a Conference Goal Everyone has different goals when it comes to the annual con- ference; it is important to reflect on what you want to get out of your time in Anaheim and choose your activities according- ly. Through our own experiences at the conference, we have identified four types of SIOP conference attendees. These categories are not mutually exclusive, and most individuals fluidly experience the different categories at different points during the conference. First, there are job hunters, which represent individuals seeking opportunities to secure employment by demonstrating their skills and connecting with various organizations. Next there are networkers, who want to build connections with individuals from other institutions or organizations with the aim of becoming well-associated in the I-O field. Whereas the previous two cate- gories were focused on making connections, some individuals at- tend the annual conference as knowledge seekers, with the goal to attend as many sessions as possible in order to be exposed to the great learning opportunities available. Last, there are adven- turers, which are individuals who want to experience everything the conference has to offer in some way, shape, or form. The Industrial-Organizational Psychologist 65