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Strategy and Measurement I’d like to begin with heartfelt appreciation and recognition for a significant contribution by SIOP leaders to the professional prac- tice of HR in organizations. I am honored to be serving on the SHRM Certification Commission in support of the governance process for the newest HR professional certification program. The chair is Wayne Cascio and also serving is Shelly Zedeck (both past presidents of SIOP) and Jim Outtz (incoming presi- dent of SIOP). We just met in San Diego to review the significant progress made since the introduction of the SHRM-Certified Professional and the SHRM-Senior Certified Professional testing program. It is an impressively developed program that is fully described in an article by SIOP’s own Alex Alonso in the October 2015 HRPS People + Strategy journal, described further below. Richard M. Vosburgh RMV Solutions LLC I would like to reiterate my thanks to SIOP President Steve Ko- zlowski for contributing to the HRPS sponsored HR Association Executive Roundtable interview in the special edition of the October 2015 People + Strategy journal where John Boudreau and I are guest editors on the topic “Advancing the HR Profes- sion.” This represents another great collaboration between SIOP and HRPS. A very active SIOP Fellow, Allan Church of PepsiCo, was recently elected to the HRPS Board where I was just elected chairperson, so we have a good SIOP/HRPS/SHRM relationship started. I encourage any SIOP members interest- ed in organizational HR practices to consider HRPS member- ship, which comes with a free SHRM membership (see http:// The first two columns that I wrote “set up” the science–practi- tioner issues, and the next ones dealt with three of the five sig- nificant ways in which I-O contributes to the employee lifecycle: • June 2015: Performance Management • September 2015: Staffing • January 2016: Strategy and Measurement In the next two columns we will tackle the issues related to the last two employee lifecycle areas: Learning and Development and Talent Management. 74 January 2016, Volume 53, Number 3