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The Industrial-Organizational Psychologist (TIP)

Volume 52 Number 3

January 2015


Table of Contents   PDF

A Message From Your President   PDF
Jose Cortina

The Editor‘s Out-Box: To Be Determined   PDF
Morrie Mullins

Editorial Columns

Practitioners‘ Ponderings   PDF
Richard M. Vosburgh

The Academics‘ Forum: Finding Your Path to Academia   PDF 
Allison Gabriel

Max. Classroom Capacity   PDF 
Marcus W. Dickson and Loren Naidoo

Organizational Neuroscience: Putting the Neuroscience in Organizational Neuroscience: An Interview With Dr. Sebastiano Massaro   PDF
M.K. Ward and Bill Becker

The I-Opener: Scientist-Practitioner“—You Keep Using That Phrase. She Does not Think it Means What He Thinks it Means.  PDF
Steven Toaddy

TIP-TOPics: Building Your CV and Sharing Your Research: Publishing Your Work as a Graduate Student   PDF
Jennifer Rineer and Frankie Guros

History Corner: Early Pre-Industrial-Organizational Psychology Employment Tests: Part I   PDF
Jeffrey M. Cucina

The High Society: For We Need More Jolly Good Fellows   PDF 
Paul Muchinsky

SIOP in Washington: Key Findings from SIOP Advocacy Survey   PDF
Jill Bradley-Geist and Daisy Chang

Spotlight on Humanitarian Work Psychology: Frontiers in International Skills Development: Innovative Efforts in China’s Transportation Sector and Three Dimensions of Work Information   PDF
Alexander E. Gloss and Lori Foster Thompson

International Practice Forum: Educating I-Os (Indian Organizations) About I-O (Industrial-Organizational) Psychology  PDF
Lynda Zugec, with Neha Singla, Subhadra Dutta, Aarti Shyamsundar,
Ruchi Sinha, Yoshima Somvanshi, and Shreya Sarkar-Barney

Practitioners‘ Forum: Further Integrating Research and Practice: Practitioners Serving as Journal Reviewers   PDF
Bethany H. Bynum and Mark L. Poteet

Practice Perspectives: SIOP Workshop Attendance: Trends and Popular Workshops from 1999–2014   PDF
Chad Parson and Rob Silzer

Errata   PDF 

On the Legal Front: Personnel Selection, Credit and Criminal History, and the Law   PDF
Rich Tonowski

The Modern App: Virtual Workplaces: Technological Functions Can Address Common Challenges   PDF
Tiffany Poeppelman and Nikki Blacksmith

Foundation Spotlight: 2014 Human Resource Management Impact Award Winners   PDF
Milton D. Hakel

Feature Articles

Serious Games for Talent Selection and Development   PDF 
Michael Fetzer

Connections Past and Present: Bringing our Scientific Influence Into Focus    PDF
Tammy D. Allen

Reasons for Enthusiasm and Caution Regarding Big Data in Applied Selection Research   PDF
John D. Morrison, Jr. and Joseph D. Abraham

Leadership Development for Volunteer I-O Psychology Leaders   PDF
Gene Johnson

Identifying the Competencies, Critical Experiences, and Career Paths of I-O Psychologists: Academia   PDF
Alexandra I. Zelin, Joy Oliver, Dennis Doverspike, Samantha Chau, Bethany Bynum, and Mark L. Poteet


2015 Conference Program    PDF
Kristen Shockley

SIOP Philadelphia 2015: A Welcome From Your Conference Chair  April 23-25 (Preconference Activities April 22)   PDF
Eden King

The 2015 SIOP Pre-Conference Consortia! An Opportunity for Students and Junior Faculty to Get Even MORE From the SIOP Conference!   PDF
Mark Frame and Tracey Rizzuto

2015 Friday Seminars    PDF
Lance Ferris

2015 Preconference Workshops: Wednesday, April 22, 2015   PDF
Erica Desrosiers

Newly Elected Fellows of the International Association of Applied Psychology (IAAP)   PDF
Gary Latham

From the SIOP LGBT Committee: Bringing Research to Practice: SIOP’s Engagement with Out and Equal   PDF
Katina Sawyer, Thomas Sasso, Daniel Gandara, Josh Weaver, and Michelle Jackson

Professional Practice Committee Update    PDF
Mark L. Poteet

A Call For Action! Creating #SIOP15 Conference Buzz on Social Media    PDF
Electronic Communications Committee

I-O @ APS: Why YOU (and Everybody Else) Should Attend the 2015 APS Convention   PDF
Cheryl Boglarsky, Christopher W. Wiese, Reeshad S. Dalal, and Silvia Bonaccio

News From the SIOP-United Nations Team: The Development of Skills Internationally: A Question of Qualifications   PDF
Alexander Gloss, English Sall, John C. Scott, Deborah E. Rupp, Lise Saari, Lori Foster Thompson, Mathian Osicki, and Drew Mallory

Find an I-O! SIOP Relaunches the Consultant Locator Service   PDF
Stephany Below

Obituary: Frank W. Erwin    PDF
Paul W. Thayer and Craig J. Russell

Lauren Kenney

SIOP Members in the News    PDF
Clif Boutelle

Conferences & Meetings    PDF
Marianna Horn

SIOP Information    PDF