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2009 SIOP Award Winners

Wendy Boswell, Chair
SIOP Awards Committee

On behalf of the SIOP Awards Committee and Executive Board, I am delighted to present the 2009 SIOP award winners. The following individuals were recognized for their outstanding contributions to I-O psychology at the 2009 annual conference in New Orleans. Congratulations to all of the award winners.

Elaine D. Pulakos  (PDRI-A PreVisor Company)
Distinguished Professional Contributions Award

A former SIOP president, Dr. Pulakos is perhaps best recognized for her work in performance measurement, where an approach developed by her and her staff is now used to evaluate hundreds of thousands of federal employees. She is also well known for her research on adaptive performance, which is used as the focus of training programs in the military and has won SIOP’s William Owens Award for Scholarly Achievement and the M. Scott Meyers Award for Applied Research.  Not only does she contribute to scientific literature, she focuses on translating research into useful practice guidelines for nonacademic audiences.  For example, she wrote best practice guidelines for SHRM on performance management and staffing. She also wrote a book on effective performance management targeted to mangers and HR professionals and has edited two books in SIOP’s Frontiers and Practice Series.

Steven Rogelberg  (University of North Carolina Charlotte)
Distinguished Service Contributions Award

Dr. Rogelberg “has gone beyond the call of duty and simple good citizenship to make SIOP a better organization in many ways, including a better conference, a well-regarded humanitarian effort, and much better education and training materials and programs.” As the 2008 conference program chair, he played a key role in the design of new software for handling submissions, reviews, and scheduling, and oversaw the transition to a 3-day conference. He also helped initiate SIOP’s KARE program that provided support for victims of Hurricane Katrina, an effort that brought considerable recognition to SIOP. His leadership and initiative while chair of the Education and Training Committee resulted in several significant accomplishments including the master’s student consortium, a guide to rankings of I-O programs and creation of an ambassadors program to provide speakers and mentors to college and universities, and developing an I-O teaching resources Web site. 

Dr. Murray R. Barrick (Texas A&M University) and
Dr. Michael K. Mount (University of Iowa)
Distinguished Scientific Contributions Award

There are no names more clearly linked to the study of personality in organizations than Dr. Barrick and Dr. Mount. Up to about 1990, personality was not considered a major variable in I-O psychology, but that assessment was changed dramatically by their collaborative studies focusing on the role of personality characteristics as predictors of training proficiency and job performance. Their groundbreaking work on the relationships between Big Five personality factors and job performance ushered in an era of research and literature on personality in applied psychology.  Indeed, their work led to a fundamental change in terms of professional practice in selection contexts. They have compiled an impressive record of top-tier journal articles, jointly publishing 24 articles and book chapters. They are a research team that has had a major impact upon the science and practice of I-O psychology.

John F. Binning  (The DeGarmo Group, Inc./Illinois State University)
Distinguished Teaching Contributions Award

Dr. Binning’s teaching career has drawn praise and appreciation from hundreds of former students. “Intellectually stimulating,” “inspirationally motivating,” and “committed to his students,” are typical comments. He provides students a strong foundation in I-O psychology, stressing the scientist–practitioner model, that has launched many of them on to successful careers in a variety of professional venues. He seeks new and creative ways to engage students, like transforming an upper-level class into a professional development program where students are exposed to the kind of activities they would encounter in the workforce and where tests become certification exams. That’s a major reason why he is the 2008 Professor of the Year at Illinois State University. To be known as an outstanding teacher, mentor, professional colleague, and friend is truly a great reward for someone who has had such a profound and positive impact upon so many students.

Hui Liao  (University of Maryland)
Distinguished Early Career Contributions Award

For someone whose career started in 2002, Dr. Liao’s research contributions to I-O psychology are already quite significant, particularly in the area of service interactions from the customer viewpoint. Her work is “clearly ground breaking and has the potential to redirect some focus in I-O to understanding customers of all kinds of manufacturing and service organizations.” In addition to her work in service quality, she has also made valuable contributions in organizational justice and justice climate as well as diversity, relational demography, and socialization and group processes. Her work has resulted in 16 refereed publications, most in top-tier journals, as well as five book chapters. Endorsers mentioned her strong motivation, an indication she will be productive for a long time and that she is indeed “one of the emerging young stars” in I-O psychology.

Dr. Edward E. Lawler III (University of Southern California)
Raymond A. Katzell Award in I-O Psychology

This award is designed to recognize a SIOP member who has shown to the general public the importance of work done by I-O psychology in addressing social and workplace issues.
Edward Lawler, the recipient of the first Katzell Award, has been identified by Business Week as one of the six authorities in the field of management, and Human Resource Executive called him one of HR’s most influential people. Workforce magazine listed him as one of 25 visionaries who have shaped today’s workplace over the past century. He has authored articles on I-O topics for the Wall Street Journal and Forbes and is frequently called upon by the business press to comment on I-O-related issues for such publications as Financial Times, Investor’s Business Daily, U.S. News & World Report, and BusinessWeek.com.

D. Scott DeRue
S. Rains Wallace Dissertation Award

D. Scott DeRue (University of Michigan) receives the 2009 award for his dissertation “Developing Leaders Via Experience: The Role of Developmental Challenge, Learning Orientation, and Feedback.”


Eduardo Salas, Katherine Wilson, and Michael Rosen
M. Scott Myers Award for Applied Research in the Workplace

Eduardo Salas, Katherine Wilson, and Michael Rosen (all of the University of Central Florida) receive the 2009 Myers Award for their project entitled “Improving Team Decision Making and Expertise When it Matters: A Curriculum for Explosive Ordinance Disposal Teams.”


Jonathan Gallo and Amanda Shapiro
Robert J. Wherry Award for the Best Paper at the IOOB Conference

Jonathan Gallo and Amanda Shapiro, both from Radford University, were awarded the 2008 Wherry for their paper entitled “"Determining the Value of Undergraduate School Quality in Predicting Graduate Student Success.”


Mahima Saxena
John Flanagan Award for the Outstanding Student Contribution
to the SIOP Conference Program

Mahima Saxena (Purdue University) is the recipient of the 2009 Flanagan Award for her presentation “Spousal Influence on Commitment to the Military: Indirect Crossover Effects.” Coauthors on this poster are Rebecca A. Bull, Stephen G. Green, and Howard M. Weiss (all of Purdue University).

David A. Harrison and Katherine J. Klein
William A. Owens Scholarly Achievement Award

The 2009 Owens Award is given to David A. Harrison (Pennsylvania State University) and Katherine J. Klein (University of Pennsylvania) for their article: Harrison, D. A., & Klein, K. J.  (2007). What’s the difference?  Diversity constructs and separation, variety, or disparity in organizations. Academy of Management Review, 32, 1199–1228.

Sallie Weaver
Leslie Joyce and Paul W. Thayer Fellowship

Sallie Weaver (University of Central Florida) receives the 2009 Joyce and Thayer Fellowship for her research entitled “Does Teamwork Improve Performance in the Operating Room? A Multi-Level Evaluation.”


Kelly Schwind Wilson
Lee Hakel Graduate Student Scholarship

Kelly Schwind Wilson (Michigan State University) is the winner of the 2009 award for her research: “What Employees Actually Do at Work Matters for the Family: A Demands–Labor–Conflict Model of Work–Family Conflict.”


Deborah K. Ford and Emily Johnson
Graduate Student Scholarships

Deborah K. Ford (Portland State University) is awarded a graduate student scholarship for her work “A Field Study Using Multiple Sources in the Evaluation of the Interactive Effects of Proactive Personality, Empowerment, and Political Skill.”


Emily Johnson (North Carolina State University) receives her scholarship for “A Multi-Level Investigation of Overall Job Performance Ratings.”


Small Grant Awards

Deniz Ones (University of Minnesota), Stephan Dilchert (Baruch College, CUNY), and Andy Biga (Procter and Gamble) are receiving a small grant for their research entitled “Development of a Taxonomy of Green Behaviors at Work.”



Eliza Wicher, Laura Byars, Pamela Koseck (not pictured), and Victoria Jones (not pictured) received their small grant for research entitled “Women-Only Leadership Development Programs: What Are the Actual Benefits (and Drawbacks).”



Gary Burns (Wright State University), Lindsey Kotrba (Denison Consulting), and Ryan Smerek (Denison Consulting) earned a small grant award for their research “Assessing the Impact of Leader–Culture Fit on Managerial Effectiveness.” 


Awards Committee

Tammy Allen
Frederik Anseel
Winfred Arthur
Linda Bajdo
Janet Barnes-Farrell
Bradford Bell
Suzanne Bell
Walter Borman
Wendy Boswell, Chair
Margaret Brooks
Douglas Brown
Wayne Camara
Stuart  Carr
Gilad Chen
Oleksandr Chernyshenko
Neil Christiansen
Debbie Cohen
Adrienne Colella
James Connolly
Patrick Converse
Michael Coovert
Leslie DeChurch
Angelo DeNisi
Marcus Dickson
James Diefendorff
Erich Dierdorff
John Donovan
Nikki Dudley-Meislahn
Dov Eden
Mark Ehrhart
James Ellington

John Fleenor
Robert Folger
Roseanne Foti
Marylene Gagne
Alberto Galue
Alyssa Gibbons
Robert Gibby
Maynard Goff
Jodi Goodman
Gerald Goodwin
C. Gorman
Adam Grant
Gary Greguras
Michelle (Mikki) Hebl
Martha Hennen
Beryl Hesketh
Sarah Hezlett
David Hoffman
Leaetta Hough
Jennifer Hughes
Stephen Humphrey
Gene Johnson
Jeff Johnson
Ronald Johnson
Ruth Kanfer
Jerard Kehoe
Katherine Klein
Richard Klimoski
Laura Koppes
Lisa Lambert
Frank Landy
Megan Leasher
Robert Lewis
Filip Lievens
Joseph Lyons
David Mayer
Morgan McCall
Adam Meade
Corey Miller
Kevin Murphy
Jose Peiro Silla
Roni Reiter-Palmon
Teresa Russell
Eduardo Salas
Sherry Schneider
Linda Shanock
Robert Sinclair
D. Brent Smith
Darrin Sorrells
Piers Steel
Greg Stewart
Eric Surface
Subrahmaniam Tangirala
Phyllis Tharenou
Lori Foster Thompson
Charles Thompson
J. Craig Wallace
Connie Wanberg
Katherine Wiegand
Alan Witt
Stephen Zaccaro