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Watch This Space:  Launch of the SIOP Practice Resources Wiki

Doug Reynolds
SIOP Communications Officer

Well, not this space exactly, but rather http://siop.editme.com where the new SIOP-sponsored wikis are located.  For the unfamiliar, a “wiki” is a Web site that allows users to construct and edit Web page content.  Think Wikipedia, but with content dedicated to the practice and science of I-O psychology.  The first of the new wikis will focus on the practice of I-O psychology; other sites are also planned using the same technology.


The 2008 SIOP Practitioner Needs Survey (Silzer, Erickson, Robinson, & Cober, 2008) identified the fact that online resources are critical to the professional development of I-O practitioners.  Survey respondents also indicted that SIOP could add value by providing more online resources and virtual forums to help practitioners in their work.  During his presidential term, Kurt Kraiger set a goal to establish a practitioner wiki where nonproprietary information could be shared to aid practitioners in their professional development and in their day-to-day work.  As a result, the Electronic Communications Committee, under the leadership of Ted Hayes and Charles Handler, identified the technical requirements for a wiki platform to support the new tool. Stephany Schings at the SIOP Administrative Office researched many options and identified an excellent platform for the purpose, and just prior to the SIOP conference this past April, a demonstration site was created and approved for broader launch to the SIOP membership.  Many thanks to those who helped create the new site.

We Need Your Input!

The Practice Resources wiki is now online for SIOP members to use.  In its current state, you can think of this site as an encyclopedia with topical categories but without the content.  The next step is for SIOP members to begin populating the site with work they are comfortable sharing with others.  The value of this new tool will be determined by the quality and quantity of input and commentary provided from our members.  Presenters at this year’s conference have been encouraged to upload their presentations and papers to the site.  Other content could include white papers, unpublished research findings, experimental assessments/scales, or best practice examples for addressing common problems in I-O practice.  The technical platform includes a range of features to support user-created content; for example, the site allows for online discussion and communities of interest.  So please sign on, read the one-page set of instructions entitled “How to Contribute,” and help create a new resource to support the practice of I-O psychology.

Future Enhancements

As the site gains content and users, topic moderators and guest editors may be recruited to ensure the content remains current and valuable.  Security controls may also be added asking SIOP members to log in prior to contributing content.  The content categories may also be refined as the site is populated.  Plans are underway for additional wiki sites at the same Web address.  The Teaching Aids wiki has already been linked to this site, and a Science Resources site will likely be added in the future.

If you would like to help with any of these efforts, please consider visiting http://siop.editme.com and contributing your content. You can also contact me at Doug.Reynolds@ddiworld.com if you would like to serve as a topic moderator or guest editor.


     Silzer, R. F., Erickson, A. R., Robinson, G. & Cober, R. T. (2008, October).  Practitioner professional development.  The Industrial-Organizational Psychologist, 46(2), 39–56.