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SIOP Program 2011:  Chicago

Mariangela Battista
Pfizer, Inc.

Planning for the 2011 annual conference in Chicago is already well under way!  The 3-day program format will continue to include master tutorials, Friday seminars, communities of interest, interactive posters, keynote speakers, Thursday and Saturday theme tracks, and the heart of our conference, the peer-reviewed programming.  Next year’s theme tracks, which are full-day conferences within a conference, will provide in-depth programming around cutting- edge topics appealing to both academics and practitioners.  Thursday’s theme track will focus on managing HR for sustainability and Saturday’s track will concentrate on leveraging data to drive organizational decisions.

Beginning with the New Orleans conference in 2009, SIOP has been coordinating volunteer activities during our conferences to contribute to the communities we visit each year.  We continue to raise money for Make it Right in New Orleans, a project to build homes for those who lost theirs during Hurricane Katrina.  We have a team-sponsored home: The House That SIOP Built.  Thus far we have raised over $25,000 toward the $100,000 needed.  You can donate to our team house by going to the following Web site: http://www.makeitrightnola.org/.

  • Click on “Donate”
  • Click on “Request a Team Home” on the right side of the page
  • Click on “Find a Team/Participant” on the left side of the page
  • Type in SIOP in the search field and click on “Search”
  • Click on “The House that SIOP Built”

For 2011, volunteer and outreach activities will also be coordinated in Chicago.  These plans will be communicated well in advance, so you can plan accordingly.

Below is a high-level timeline to help you plan for the 2011 conference:

Early July 2010: Call for Proposals (electronic only).  Members will receive an e-mail message with a Web link to the Call for Proposals. The Administrative Office will also send members a postcard notifying them of this Web address. 

Early–Mid July 2010:  Reviewer recruitment. Please look for an e-mail message requesting that you participate on the Conference Program Committee as a reviewer.  All SIOP professional members (Fellows, Members, Associates, International Affiliates, and Retired statuses) are eligible.  SIOP Student Affiliates who have successfully defended their dissertation proposal and presented at a SIOP conference as a first author are eligible.  The review process is essential to the success of the program and we encourage everyone to sign up.  WE NEED REVIEWERS!  PLEASE SIGN UP!

September 15, 2010:  Submission deadline.  The submission process will be entirely electronic.  The Call for Proposals will have details.   (This deadline always arrives faster than we think it will so do get started thinking about your submissions!)

Early October 2010:  Submissions sent out for review. 

Early November 2010:  Reviews due back.

Early December 2010: Decision e-mails. 
Submitters will be sent (electronic) decision letters regarding their submissions.

Mid-February 2011: Program published.  The conference program will continue to be published both in a hardcopy booklet and on the Web. Remember, only those registered by the early registration deadline will receive programs by mail.  All others can access it online or pick one up at the conference.

Please note that more and more communication will be electronic and drive you to the SIOP Web site for information and action.