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Announcing the Jeanneret Award

Milton D. Hakel
SIOP Foundation President


I am delighted to tell you that Dick Jeanneret has provided the leadership to create a new endowment in the SIOP Foundation. The Jeanneret Award for Excellence in the Study of Individual or Group Assessment is a new award to be given by SIOP for the first time in 2013.

The Jeanneret Award will recognize excellence and innovation in the design and use of individual or group assessment techniques, particularly new assessment techniques that promote a diverse work force. Excellence and innovation should be visible in the overall conceptualization and design of the assessment. There is no restriction on the specific journals or other publication (e.g., technical reports) in which the publication appears, only that the journal be refereed or the other publication be (co)authored by or nominated by at least one SIOP member. Work nominated for the Jeanneret Award must have been reported in the year prior to the nomination, except for the initial award when any prior individual or group assessment reports are eligible for nomination. Nominations may be made by members of SIOP, including Student and International Affiliate members. Authors may nominate their own work, provided that at least one of them is a SIOP member. Awards subcommittee members may nominate work at any time. The award will be given each year and will carry a cash honorarium of $1,500.

Giving is never easy, and Dick’s generosity in establishing the $50,000 endowment is an outstanding leadership example for each of us. There will never be a better time than now to contribute some of your time and money. The SIOP Foundation would like to be among your beneficiaries. Seize the moment. Help to encourage excellence and innovation for the future of I-O psychology. Contribute at http://www.siop.org/foundation/donate.aspx.

Planning is a key. Set your plans, and act on them. Dick Jeanneret did, and you can too. Your calls and questions to the SIOP Foundation are welcome. Join us in building for the future.

The SIOP Foundation, 440 E Poe Rd Ste 101, Bowling Green, OH 43402-1355; 419-353-0032; Fax: 419-352-2645; E-mail: LLentz@siop.org.