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Are You on my.SIOP? What Members Are Saying About SIOP’s New Online Network

Zachary Horn
Chair, SIOP Electronic Communications Committee
Aptima, Inc.

What a way to kick off SIOP's newest member benefit! We had a hunch that my.SIOP—SIOP’s new social collaborative network for I-O—would fill a gap in the SIOP member experience, but the level of hands-on member engagement at the annual SIOP conference in San Diego was incredible!

Before the weekend was over, close to 1,000 SIOP members had already added content to their profiles, uploaded profile photos, added themselves to the community map, and began meeting other SIOP members in content groups. In case you missed it, the line for a “free professional photo” at the PDRI-sponsored photo booth routinely held 10 to 20 people. In total, over 400 members got their free photos taken—perfect for use on my.SIOP and elsewhere on the web.

Why all the commotion? It appears that the need for my.SIOP was greater and more immediate than we thought! The my.SIOP community serves as a central hub for everything SIOP—a single link (my.siop.org) that gets you access to Exchange posts, public SIOP wiki, SIOP events calendar, community map, member profiles, and the latest from your groups. It does not replace LinkedIn or Facebook but instead provides you space and new tools for sharing and collaborating specifically with other I-O psychologists around the world.
Members each have their own “most useful” features. How will YOU use my.SIOP? Share your ideas with the community here.

What Members Said: Features They Plan to Use Immediately

During the conference, speakers mentioned how they intend to post their presentations in the my.SIOP community library (see the “SIOP 2012 Conference Presentations” folder), while many other attendees honed in on the utility of groups for introductions and collaboration. Here are just a few popular features and how SIOP members said they could be useful:

  • Profile tags: Find symposium or poster collaborators for next year’s conference; find others with common expertise and invite them to a new group.
  • Notifications: Get individual e-mails for some content, daily digest e-mails for other content, and leave the rest on the site; send e-mails from some groups to your work account, others to your home account.
  • Groups: Collaborate with others using the group wiki for shared note-taking (like Google Docs); use the blog for group announcements; post documents for download to the group library; send quick questions to the customizable group e-mail address.
  • Google map: Find other I-O psychologists nearby for social hours; locate long-lost colleagues in cities you visit; discover new job opportunities.
  • Mobile view: Update your profile; view news posted on My Page; search the Member Directory on the go; view a list of upcoming events from your groups. Note: Some features are still in progress and will be enhanced very soon.

What Members Said: Questions About Privacy and E-Mail Spam

Members also asked some questions about whether my.SIOP is prone to issues such as privacy or getting flooded with e-mail. If these issues are preventing you from exploring my.SIOP, here are some answers that should put your mind at ease (please ask other questions in the Forum):

  • “I’m hesitant to join groups because I don’t want to get slammed with e-mail.” Fear not! The default setting is for you not to receive any e-mail whatsoever. You can activate e-mail notifications and specify which types of content (blog posts, forum posts, etc.) to receive via e-mail. Content types and preferred e-mail addresses can be specified separately for each group.
  • “I don’t like Facebook because of all the personal content. What about my.SIOP?” The my.SIOP community is intended for sharing knowledge and collaborating on I-O topics. There is embedded capability to link to your LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter pages, but that content should stay on those sites.
  • “I don’t want the public to see my information.” Your profile is visible only to other SIOP members. Your profile automatically contains your Member Directory information. Whether you add a photo, tags, and more information is up to you!
  • “I want to be on the community map, but without showing my street address.” When you add yourself to the community map, you can also hide your street address. The map will simply plot you in the center of your zip code. 

The my.SIOP Plan Moving Forward

Many members have already started brainstorming how to expand my.SIOP to include more content, more functionality, and greater public access to the materials and products that I-O psychologists have to offer. Over at the ECC, we love it. We are already making progress toward integrating the Consultant Locator and SIOP Exchange, in addition to other features.

To achieve all that’s possible with my.SIOP, the Electronic Communications Committee is now looking to expand greatly—effective immediately. If you are interested in helping shape the evolution of my.SIOP, please volunteer today to serve on the ECC using this link: http://www.siop.org/cvs/. Until next time, see you on my.SIOP!