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Calling for Nominations: The Dunnette Prize About Marv Dunnette Marv Dunnette received many accolades and honors during his professional career, including the presidency of SIOP and receipt of its Distinguished Scientific Contri- butions award. He authored some of the most significant pub- lications in the field of I-O psy- chology in the 20th century. Marv is revered by those who knew him for his crea- tive thinking and research, clarity of writing, iconoclas- tic critiques (such as Fads, Fashions, and Folderol in Psychology and Mishmash, Mush, and Milestones), awesome mentorship, remarkable humanity, and sense of humor. Milton D. Hakel SIOP Foundation President To get to know him, you can make a good start by reading Being There: A Memoir, online at http:// If you are pressed for time, scroll to the end and read the Sum- ming Up section. His professional impact was im- mense. His personal impact was even greater. Marv touched many lives during his long and illustrious career. He was most proud of his contributions to the lives of his students, 62 of whom received doctorates of psychol- ogy under his mentorship. Many of those he influ- enced have chosen to honor his memory through the creation of the Dunnette Prize. 122 July 2014 Volume 52 Issue 1