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Back to Reality! The Honolulu conference is now behind us, and it was amazing! It was great to see and talk with so many friends and colleagues, and to hear even more about what the future holds for SIOP. The conversations from April’s “Identity Issue” were well-represented in many presentations, and the rollout of SIOP’s new brand and logo was everything we could have hoped for. Everyone involved in putting together the conference and helping things run so smoothly did a fantastic job. The team working on the Philly conference has quite the act to follow, but I have a feeling they’re up for the challenge! Morrie Mullins Xavier University One of the things Jose Cortina talks about in his presi- dential column this issue is the possibility of opening up even more cities for future consideration. I’d never been to Honolulu before, but I’ve also never been to Philadel- phia, or Anaheim, so the next couple of conferences defi- nitely have my attention. Having more options available to us by utilizing conference centers isn’t something I would have looked all that fondly on prior to my Hono- lulu experience, but I have to admit that the way every- thing flowed for the three days has me reconsidering that opinion. I, too, am a fan of cities that begin with “S.” Of course, Honolulu will necessarily be unique in many respects. Being up at 5 or 5:30 in the morning (when I’m NOT a morning person!), walking on the beach as the sun rose, going from session to session at the con- ference through open-air walkways that never let me pretend that I was at “just another conference,” and of course, that amazing closing reception! It let me see the world differently, experience the world differently, and try things I’d never tried before. It also let me see things like this, taken on a hike through the rainforest above the city. (See next page!) The Industrial Organizational Psychologist 13