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Honolulu 2014: SIOP Makes Connections Robin Cohen Conference Chair Johnson and Johnson Evan Sinar Program Chair Development Dimensions International (DDI) The 2014 SIOP conference in Honolulu was one for the record book. The aloha spirit infused the conference, and atten- dees were able to enjoy not only the fabulous program but the beauty of their surroundings as well. We had 2,974 attendees who enjoyed all that the con- ference had to offer. We want to take this opportunity to share some of the highlights from the scholarly program as well as the special events that made this conference memorable. Scholarly Program! Much of what makes the SIOP confer- ence so spectacular is the quality and diversity of the program . This year, with more sessions than ever before (and yes, with an ever-enticing climate lurk- ing just outside the convention center’s walls), the bar was never higher for ses- sions to be both informative and engag- ing. The program committee—Evan Si- nar (2014 Program Chair), Kristen Shockley (Incoming Program Chair/2014 Theme Track Chair), and Eden King (Past Program Chair) heard, and greatly ap- The Industrial Organizational Psychologist preciated—lots of positive feedback at and after the conference on how ses- sions were consistently high-caliber (mahalo to all the presenters for your hard work and preparation in helping us meet this goal!) and on how immersed attendees were throughout the entire conference, from Thursday morning all the way through Saturday afternoon. From a content perspective, topic areas most often in focus during the confer- ence were leadership (96 sessions), test- ing/assessment (77), inclusion/diversity (75; also increased strongly in number of sessions compared to 2013), occupa- tional health/safety/stress/aging (73; also increasing substantially from last year), groups/teams (52), and job atti- tudes/engagement (51). We were also thrilled to see so many innovative and audience-centric formats devised by presenters, everything from IGNITE ses- sions to lively debates to mindfulness exercises, and deep incorporation of audience interaction throughout all presentation formats. 187