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Presidential Coin Award Recipients Tammy Allen University of South Florida Five SIOP members received a SIOP Presidential Coin at the SIOP confer- ence. The purpose of the SIOP Presiden- tial Coin is to recognize SIOP members who go beyond the call of duty and ex- hibit exemplary and extraordinary be- havior in support of our science and practice. Bill Farmer As chair of the ad hoc Local I-O Groups Commit- tee, Bill Farmer has led the charge to better con- nect local I-O groups and SIOP. Over the last year this work has resulted in a toolkit in- tended to facilitate the development Below is a list of the awardees pre- and sustainability of local I-O groups and sented with the coin by Tammy Allen in has inspired the formation of local I-O front of their peers at various events groups outside of the U.S. Bill has served held during the conference. as an anchor and a champion for local I- O community efforts, providing SIOP Joe Allen members with enhanced opportunities Joe Allen is recognized for development and networking out- for his work leading side of the annual conference. and developing the Bridge Builders initia- Zach Horn tive. The purpose of As the man behind the initiative is to my.SIOP, Zach Horn has make connections, worked tirelessly and en- build bridges of knowl- thusiastically to better con- edge, and grow I-O nect SIOP members. His psychology from the efforts as chair of the Elec- bottom up. Joe and his committee have tronic Communications done creative and significant work de- Committee over the past veloping resources to help members several years have resulted engage with their community and to in improved services for SIOP members and ensure the successful rollout of the ini- enhanced communications processes tiative at the SIOP conference. Joe does among all SIOP committees. Seemingly end- not know “no,” he does “do.” less energy coupled with innovative solu- tions have been Zach’s hallmark. 196 July 2014 Volume 52 Issue 1