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Professional Practice Committee Update Tracy Kantrowitz SHL As always, the annual SIOP conference provided the opportunity to share the latest on our science and practice and connect with colleagues. The conference was a true celebration of I-O psychology but it was personally bittersweet as it marked the end of my tenure as chair of the Professional Practice Committee. I am delighted that Mark Poteet has agreed to take the reins and will expand on the incredible work of the committee and take it in new and exciting direc- tions. The committee’s work and its fo- cus on the development of practitioners and advocacy for I-O practice is in his exceedingly capable hands. riety of career options in I-O is more nu- merous and diverse. Michael Trusty and Alexandra Zelin presented the findings from the study and noted the multiple applications for students considering a career in I-O, early career I-Os charting a career path, and mid- or late-career I-Os considering a change of career. Detailed findings of the career study will be avail- able in future issues of TIP and on the SIOP website, along with an interactive career tool. The theme of making connections was well exemplified in the committee’s sec- ond Executive Board session on the SIOP -SHRM Science of HR Series. James Kur- The conference theme of making con- tessis, Kayo Sady, and Mark Schmit pro- nections provided a perfect backdrop for vided background on the deliverables of recapping the committee’s work over this series (namely, white papers on top- the past 2 years and thinking about the ics of interest to HR professionals and a connections forged within and outside forthcoming set of “top-10” findings our field. The committee had the honor from I-O research of clear relevance to of presenting an Executive Board session the HR profession) and the impact of the on the career study of individuals with series in terms of the deliverables reach- advanced degrees in I-O psychology. ing the more than 275,000 members of This study is the first of its kind in docu- SHRM, along with additional touch menting the competencies and experi- points between I-O and HR. ences that characterize the array of ca- reer paths within our field. The dichot- The conference also connected I-O experts omy of “applied or academic” careers in tasked with making contemporary prac- I-O psychology was expanded as the va- tice recommendations on selection proce- The Industrial Organizational Psychologist 209