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Understanding the National Science Foundation We are excited to share with you information about SIOP’s new efforts to build its identity in Washington, DC to support federal funding for I-O research and use our research to help guide policy discussions. Each quarter we will report to you on new advocacy activities as well as our analysis of the role of I-O psychology in significant federal or congressional initiatives, such as the annual appropriations process and emerging national initiatives. We are excited about our early progress and look forward to working with you as we pursue these important goals! Introduction Seth Kaplan George Mason University Carla Jacobs Lewis-Burke Associates LLC In March, SIOP leadership and Lewis-Burke Associates engaged in conversations about whether and how SIOP members are taking advantage of federal grants offered through the National Science Foundation (NSF) and how SIOP could strategically advise members to enhance the quality of their applications and chances for receiving federal funding. In April, Lewis-Burke fa- cilitated a series of meetings for two SIOP representa- tives, Eden King from George Mason University and Lynn Offerman from The George Washington Univer- sity, with six NSF program officers with the goals of: · raising the visibility of I-O research and the cross- cutting applications of I-O research, · informing SIOP of possible new interdisciplinary funding opportunities for which SIOP members may collaborate, and · identifying best practices for SIOP members to build better relationships at NSF, better frame their research proposals to fit the NSF mission, and navigate the application process. The Industrial Organizational Psychologist 47