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Gaining Visibility for Your Program: Working in Local and Broader Communities David E. Caughlin Involvement With Professional Associations Tori L. Crain Joe A. Sherwood Portland State University 68 An I-O program can increase its visibility by cultivating productive, viable, and healthy organizational partner- ships. Here at Portland State University (PSU), our I-O program resides at an institution that embraces and brings to life the university motto: “Let knowledge serve the city.” As a result, we have forged several enduring partnerships within local and broader communities, which have ultimately improved our program’s visibility. Our goal in this column is to share some of our experi- ences while also providing more general suggestions for improving your program’s visibility via organizational partnerships. First, we review the importance of con- necting with professional associations, as they may serve as a gateway to various organizations. Finally, we give a behind-the-scenes look at a few of our program’s ongoing organizational partnerships. One way to increase your program’s visibility is through involvement with local, national, and interna- tional professional associations. Professional associa- tions provide opportunities for expanding research and practice networks, disseminating scholarly knowl- edge, and spreading the name and reputation of your program—all of which pave the way for new organiza- tional partnerships. Often, these professional associa- tions hold meetings, conferences, and social events that facilitate connections among researchers and practitioners. After all, you never know when a seem- ingly casual conversation at a professional event might evolve into a fruitful research collaboration, intern- July 2014 Volume 52 Issue 1