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Best-Selling SIOP Books: A Call for “Recognition Equity” for Practitioners In the 1980s, SIOP started publishing professional books in I-O psychology. The intent was to provide an opportunity to publish books on important topics rele- vant to our field and to give SIOP members an oppor- tunity to edit books and write book chapters. It also has earned significant royalty income for SIOP (all roy- alties go to SIOP). This article summarizes the book sales for SIOP’s Or- ganizational Frontiers and Professional Practice Series and identifies the best-selling books and editors. We discuss why certain books may sell more copies than others. Rob Silzer HR Assessment and Development Inc. Baruch College, Graduate Ctr, City University of New York Chad Parson Aon Hewitt, Baruch College, Graduate Ctr, City University of New York We also provide a 2013–2014 update on membership representation among SIOP new Fellows, award win- ners, appointments, and Executive Board, and we call for “recognition equity” within SIOP for practitioner members. SIOP Published Books SIOP jumped into the book publishing business in 1986 with Doug Hall’s book Career Development in Organi- zations. It was the first book in the Organizational Frontiers Book Series (OF). A few years later, SIOP launched a second book series called the Professional Practice Series with Ben Schneider’s book, Organiza- tional Climate and Culture (1990). The SIOP website makes this distinction between the two series: The Industrial Organizational Psychologist 89