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The Industrial-Organizational Psychologist (TIP)

Volume 52 Number 1 (July 2014)

President's Column     PDF
Jose Cortina
Editorial Columns
On the Legal Front     PDF
Rich Tonowski
TIP-TOPics: Gaining Visibility for Your Program: Working in Local and Broader Communities     PDF
David E. Caughlin, Tori L. Crain, and Joe A. Sherwood
Max. Classroom Capacity     PDF
Marcus W. Dickson and Julie Lyon
Spotlight on Humanitarian Work Psychology     PDF
Lori Foster Thompson and Alexander Gloss
History Corner: Happy Birthday!     PDF
Jeffrey M. Cucina
Feature Articles
Social Media as a Tool for Research: A Turnover Application Using LinkedIn     PDF
Sean D. Robinson, Evan Sinar, and Jamie Winter
Integrating Practical Experiences in I-O Courses     PDF
Thomas A. O'Neill and R. Blake Jelley
I-O Psychology and SIOP Brand Awareness Among Business Professionals, HR Professionals, Faculty Members, and College Students     PDF
Mark Rose, Oksana Drogan, Erica Spencer, Elizabeth Rupprecht, Neha Singla,
Elizabeth McCune, and Chris Rotolo
The 2014 TIP Readers' Survey: Key Results and Current Directions     PDF
Morrie Mullins, Rebecca Baker, Douglas H. Reynolds, Tammy D. Allen,
and Jose M. Cortina
Honolulu 2014 : SIOP Makes Connections     PDF
Robin Cohen and Evan Sinar
2014 Frank Landy SIOP 5K Run     PDF 
Paul Sackett
SIOP Program 2015: Philadelphia     PDF
Kristen Shockley and Eden King
News From the SIOP-United Nations Team     PDF
Drew Mallory, John C. Scott, Deborah E. Rupp, Lise Saari, Lori Foster Thompson, Mathian Osicki, and Alexander Gloss
Obituary: Robert J. Lee     PDF
Michael Frisch, Anna Marie Valerio, and Cynthia McCauley
Rebecca Baker
SIOP Members in the News     PDF
Clif Boutelle
Conferences & Meetings     PDF
Marianna Horn