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SIOP Members in the News Clif Boutelle Media coverage is one of the most wide- ly used avenues to promote the field of industrial and organizational psychology. SIOP members contribute to many stories in the mainstream media as well as a wide range of Internet news sources and help spread the word about I-O and its impact upon the business community through their contact with editors and reporters. chairman—a move that was rejected at the shareholder meeting—Jones said Wal- Mart’s sluggish sales may have heightened concerns. The benefit of family steward- ship is the long-term perspective, Jones said. Family members can provide “stabil- ity and the sense that there’s an intergen- erational relationship” running the compa- ny, he added. As always, presentations at the annual conference are a rich source of story ideas for the media. At the recent Philadelphia conference, reporters from the Wall Street Journal and Philadelphia Inquirer attended some of the sessions and talked with SIOP members for future stories. The Adminis- trative Office also develops stories based upon the presentations and sends them to reporters. Every mention of a SIOP member and his or her work or comments in the media is helpful to our mission to gain greater visibility for I-O psychology. Following are just some of the media men- tions from the past several months. Randy Cheloha of Cheloha Consulting Group authored an article in the May/June issue of Corporate Board Magazine titled, “Why Boards Fail at CEO Succession.” CEO succession is not a one-time reaction to a problem but a continuous process and responsibility, he wrote. Boards need to be realistic about the many hidden chal- lenges in CEO succession planning and manage them. It is often less a question of what to do but “how” to do it. Otherwise boards will find themselves with a resis- tant CEO, interpersonal frictions that could affect performance, and senior executives heading for the exits, ultimately undermin- ing the entire process despite their best intentions, he said. When Wal-Mart named a member of the founding Walton family as its next chair- man, Bloomberg News ran a June 5 story about nepotism concerns as the world’s largest retailer. Robert Jones of Missouri State University and editor of SIOP’s 2011 Frontier Series book, Nepotism in Orga- nizations contributed to the story. When activist investors pushed for an outside The May 13 issue of Workforce Magazine had an article noting that increasingly, work–life balance is among the top char- acteristics employees look for in a job opportunity. Lynda Zugec of The Workforce Consultants said that employee benefit offerings can make organizations more competitive, and benefits that promote work–life balance in particular are of high The Industrial-Organizational Psychologist 179