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Report of the Executive Director
Selection Advisory Committee


Tammy Allen

Milt Hakel

Bill Macey (co-chair)

Fred Oswald (co-chair)

Ann Marie Ryan

Neal Schmitt

Nancy Tippins


In our first report, we outlined our charter and the general timeline we are following to ensure that the new executive director (ED) will be recruited and hired with sufficient time to ensure a successful “passing of the baton.”  Our first primary action—the job analysis and development of the position specification—is nearly complete. 

Our efforts here are largely based on the input we gathered in valuable conversations with Dave Nershi.  Building on the version of the job description created 11 years ago, Dave provided initial commentary on what has changed and how the position has evolved. We next met with Dave in a group video conference format; Dave expanded on his commentary with additional key insights, and we discussed in some depth his areas of responsibility.  Just a few of the topics we discussed included:

  • The administrative tasks that are part of the ED role
  • The rhythm of SIOP activity over the course of the year, including peak times
  • Areas of ambiguity and challenge in the job
  • SIOP and LEC conference planning
  • Coordination with committee chairs, including the Conference Chair, Program Chair, and Workshop Committee Chair
  • Coordination and negotiation with outside vendors, including software providers, and our strategic advocacy representative, Lewis-Burke
  • Working with the Administrative Office (AO) staff, the press, and SIOP members

Looking to the future, we also discussed the directions and changes in how the ED’s time is invested in relationship to SIOP priorities. Further, we discussed challenges to be faced as the new ED comes on board.   We’ve extended that question to some key committee chairs as well. 

As we are preparing this report, we are planning to visit the AO within the next week.  While there, we’ll continue our conversation on the requirements of the ED role and how the ED serves in a leadership capacity with the AO staff.  

By the time we prepare our next report the vacancy will have been announced.  Look for that by the end of June!  Again, your comments and suggestions are always welcome.  Please direct them to Bill Macey (wmacey9@gmail.com).