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SIOP in the News Clif Boutelle The news media has found SIOP members to be credible sources of information for their workplace-related stories. And no wonder! SIOP members have a diverse range of expertise as evidenced by the list- ings in Media Resources on the SIOP web site ( There are more than 110 different workplace topics with nearly 2,000 SIOP members who can serve as re- sources to the news media. SIOP members who are willing to talk with reporters about their research interests and specialties are encouraged to list themselves in Media Resources. It can eas- ily be done online. It is important, though, that in listing themselves, members in- clude a brief description of their exper- tise. That is what reporters look at, and a well-worded description can often lead the reporter to call. Also connecting with reporters and editors is important to SIOP’s Bridge Builders ini- tiative as a way to increase I-O’s visibility and influence. Every mention in the media is helpful to that mission. It is a good idea for members to periodical- ly check and update their Media Resources information. Following are some of the press mentions that have occurred in the recent months. Edie L. Goldberg of E. L. Goldberg & Associ- ates in Menlo Park, CA, authored an article 180 in the August issue of HR Magazine. Noting that traditional performance reviews are time consuming and often fail to meet ex- pectations for both employees and manag- ers, Goldberg wrote that technologies now exist that can help manage performance. The new approach, called social perfor- mance management (SPM), allows employ- ees to share goals with all those involved, keep people informed regarding progress against goals, and provide feedback and rec- ognition from peers, direct reports, or man- agers at one time and in a timely manner. Women applying for a job in male-dom- inated fields should consider playing up their masculine qualities, according to re- search conducted at Michigan State Univer- sity and reported in a variety of media out- lets including the August 8 Economic Times, Business Standard, Daily Mail, Fox News, and Glamour Magazine. The researchers found in a lab experiment that women who described themselves using masculine-like traits (assertive, independent, achievement oriented) were evaluated as more fitting for the job than those who emphasized female qualities (warmth, supportiveness, nurturing). “We found that ‘manning up’ seemed to be an effective strategy because it was seen as necessary for the job,” said Ann Marie Ryan of Michigan State Univer- sity, coauthor of the study. The August 8 issue of The Daily Mail car- ried a story asserting that men are “secret feminists” but are too afraid to speak up October 2014, Volume 52, Number 2