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Hello everyone! I am excited to be your new columnist for the International Practice Forum. SIOP’s previous columnists, Alex Alonso (Society for Human Resource Management [SHRM]) and Mo Wang (University of Florida) did such an outstanding job I’m not sure I can fill their shoes, but I will certainly try! If you are reading this column, you likely have a global mindset and are seeking information and updates on what is new and happening within the international practice space. My goal is to provide you with interesting and relevant international I-O practice information that is applicable and actionable. As a first step toward this effort, I cornered some of our most prominent international I-O folks, including Alison Eyring (Chief Executive Officer, Organisation Solutions Pte Ltd), Barbara Kożusznik (University of Silesia), Rosalind Searle (Coventry University), Milt Hakel (Bowling Green State University), and Bill Farmer (U.S. Bureau of Naval Personnel– Navy Personnel Research, Studies, & Technology) to share with us. They conducted a worldwide survey with a number of I-O and other work and organizational psychologists in an effort to better understand and assist local communities of applied work and organizational psychologists. Their findings are interesting and insightful for those who may already be a member of a local I-O group, are interested in joining a local I-O group, or want to start their own I-O group! Lynda Zugec The Workforce Consultants Local Work and Organizational Psychology Communities Outside the USA Alison Eyring, Barbara Kożusznik, Rosalind Searle, Milt Hakel, and Bill Farmer In the U.S., a number of excellent local grassroots communities of I-O psychologists exist to provide a forum for networking, professional development and support. Groups like METRO (New York Metropolitan Association of Applied Psychology) in New York City, New York, HAIOP (Houston Association for Industrial and Organizational Psychology Inc.) 26 October 2014, Volume 52, Number 2