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 October 2014

52 #3

Table of Contents   PDF

A Message From Your President     PDF 
Jose Cortina

The Editor’s Out-Box: Community     PDF
Morrie Mullins

Letter to the Editor: Thou Shalt Not DEPUBLISH     PDF
George Graen

Editorial Columns

Yes You Can: I-Os and Funded Research:  Series Finale: Nominees for the World Records of I-O Funded Research!     PDF
Ashley Walvoord and Kristen Shockley

International Practice Forum:  Local Work and Organizational Psychology Communities Outside the USA     PDF
Lynda Zugec, with Alison Eyring, Barbara Kożusznik, Rosalind Searle, Milt Hakel, and Bill Farmer

Practitioners’ Forum:  Developing Career Paths for I-O Psychologists: Project Plans and Updates      PDF
Alexandra I. Zelin, Dennis Doverspike, Joy Oliver, Tracy Kantrowitz, and Michael Trusty

Practice Perspectives: SIOP Workshops: Thirty Years of Professional Development for SIOP Members      PDF
Rob Silzer and Chad Parson

Spotlight on Humanitarian Work Psychology: Developments in HWP: The Private-Sector’s Role in Poverty Reduction, a “Global Special Issue,” and New Directions in Research and Practice     PDF
Lori Foster Thompson and Alexander Gloss

Organizational Neuroscience: Neuroscience and Leadership Development: An Interview With Dr. Marian Ruderman and Dr. Cathleen Clerkin     PDF
M.K. Ward and Bill Becker

On the Legal Front     PDF
Rich Tonowski

The I-Opener: Consider the Following      PDF
Steven Toaddy

The High Society: A Freudian Interpretation of Correction Formulas     PDF
Paul Muchinsky

The Academics’ Forum: Expert Advice on Putting Together an Edited Book      PDF
Satoris S. Culbertson

The Modern App: Video-Based Technology: The Next Generation of Recruitment and Hiring     PDF
Nikki Blacksmith and Tiffany Poeppelman

Max. Classroom Capacity     PDF
Marcus W. Dickson and Julie S. Lyon

TIP-TOPics: Enhancing Your Teaching Experience: Developing Your Teaching Philosophy, Course Syllabus, and Teaching Portfolio     PDF
David E. Caughlin

History Corner: Early Technology-Enhanced Assessments     PDF
Jeffrey M. Cucina

SIOP in Washington: Outreach to Policy Makers     PDF
Seth Kaplan and Carla Jacobs

Foundation Spotlight: Fund for the Future     PDF
Milt Hakel

Feature Articles

The Friday Group, After 40 Years: A Model for Informal I-O Groups?     PDF
Joel Moses and Allen Kraut

The Pursuit of Increased Job Satisfaction: A Critical Examination of Popular Self-Help Books     PDF
Nathan A. Bowling, Steven Khazon, Michael R. Hoepf, Caleb B. Bragg, and Jeannie A. Nigam

Whitepapers and Beyond: Reflections From Former Grants Officers     PDF
Joseph B. Lyons and John W. Luginsland

Reaching Across the Aisle: The Benefits of Interdisciplinary Work in Graduate School     PDF
Shelby M. Afflerbach, Chelsea L. Chatham, Brittany J. Davis, Tracy M. Grimme, Kristie L. Campana, and Jeffery A. Buchanan


Representation of I-O Psychology in Introductory Psychology Textbooks: An Updated Survey of Textbook Authors     PDF
Gary W. Giumetti, Julia M. Fullick, Stephen Young, and Deborah DiazGranados

30th Annual SIOP Conference     PDF
Eden King and Kristen Shockley

Plan Now to Attend the 2015 SIOP Preconference Consortia!     PDF
Mark Frame and Tracey E. Rizzuto

Notes From the APA Council of Representatives Meeting    PDF
Deborah Whetzel

Professional Practice Committee Update     PDF
Mark L. Poteet

American Psychological Association Convention 2015, Toronto, Canada     PDF
Ann Huffman

Strengthening the Relationship Between SIOP and APS: Calling I-O Practitioners and Researchers!     PDF
Silvia Bonaccio

International Affairs Committee Update     PDF
Angelo DeNisi

News From the SIOP-United Nations Team: Setting Global Human Development Goals: The Role for Industrial-Organizational Psychology     PDF
Alexander Gloss, John C. Scott, Deborah E. Rupp, Lise Saari, Lori Foster Thompson, Mathian Osicki, and Drew Mallory

A Call for Action!  Creating SIOP Awareness on Social Media     PDF
Nikki Blacksmith, Tiffany Poeppelman, Tillman Sheets, and Stephany Below on behalf of the Electronic Communications Committee

Obituary: Erich P. Prien     PDF
Kristin Prien, Andrew Vinchur, William Macey, M. Dale Smalley, and Jeff Schippmann

Obituary:  Harrison Gough     PDF
Christina Maslach and Sheldon Zedeck

Obituary: Lawrence James     PDF
Larry J. Williams and Justin A. DeSimone 

Becca Baker

SIOP Members in the News      PDF
Clif Boutelle

Conferences & Meetings     PDF
Marianna Horn



Biddle Consulting Group



Hogan Assessment Systems


IPAT, Inc.

Metrus Group, Inc.

Colorado State University



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