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Have You Joined a Local Industrial-Organizational Psychology Group? If Not, You May Be Missing Out! William L. Farmer U. S. Bureau of Naval Personnel Terri Shapiro Hofstra University Donna L. Sylvan Sylvan & Associates Lynda Zugec The Workforce Consultants Virginia B. Whelan Whelan & Associates Do you belong to a locally based I-O group? Most SIOP members don’t and many aren’t even aware that they exist. With the annu- al conference, communication vehicles such as TIP and Industrial and Organizational Psychology: Perspectives on Science and Practice, and multitudes of opportunities to become involved in various committees, many are not aware of the benefits that local I-O groups can provide to connect like-minded professionals. Local I-O groups have emerged outside of SIOP and provide excellent opportunities for networking and professional develop- ment that complement and enhance those activities directly associated with national organizations. They also provide our pro- fession with a vehicle for promoting and interfacing with businesses and organiza- tions that need our services. Until recent- ly, there has been little known about these groups, their needs, and the role they play in our growing profession. 148 In 2013, SIOP formed the Local I-O Groups Relations Committee with the express pur- pose of establishing stronger ties with these groups. The committee is composed of professionals who have been active in local- ly based groups as founders and/or officers and believe that both SIOP and these local groups can benefit mutually by working together. In addition to providing network- ing opportunities between local groups at the SIOP annual conference for a number of years, maintaining LinkedIn and my.SIOP groups, and developing a “Toolkit for Start- ing and Maintaining a Local I-O Group,” the committee has been working on a number of initiatives that will be beneficial to SIOP and local groups going forward. In order to establish a baseline for de- termining local group participation and provide the committee with useful infor- mation for moving forward, a survey was administered in 2014. The survey was sent to 4,570 active and retired SIOP Fellows, October 2015, Volume 53, Number 2