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Professional Practice Committee Updates Mark L. Poteet Organizational Research & Solutions, Inc. Since the Annual Conference in Philadel- phia, the Professional Practice Committee (PPC) has been busy adding new members, continuing with initiatives already under- way, and defining its agenda for the coming year. As always, the mission guiding the PPC’s work is to support and promote the sound practice of I-O psychology by SIOP’s members. This is achieved by supporting efforts to build SIOP’s brand as the author- ity on workplace psychology, to address practice-related issues that may arise, and to facilitate members’ knowledge and prac- tice of science, evidence-based psychology in organizations. This report provides an overview of several PPC goals that support this mission, noting progress and accom- plishments, and outlines new initiatives. For the coming year, the PPC will continue its work on several ongoing goals, including: • Creating and validating a model of business acumen competencies relat- ed to successful I-O practice • Implementing a database of practi- tioners interested in reviewing for journal articles that will be made avail- able to editors • Continuing to facilitate and manage the practitioner speed and group men- toring programs • Recording and publishing miniwebi- nars focused on providing practitioners with tips, insights, and information to encourage sound practice The Industrial-Organizational Psychologist Working with the SIOP Task Force on Con- temporary Selection Recommendations to provide white papers that summarize re- search and provide recommendations to the EEOC on various selection-related topics. • Collaborating with SHRM to create and publish an educational series including white papers and research summary articles on evidence-based HR practices • Analyzing and reporting the results of a recent practitioner needs survey that can be used to help drive the PPC’s forward-looking agenda • Supporting Division 13 and SIOP’s ef- forts to define and validate a coaching competency model • Continuing to study career paths of I-O psychologists to identify competencies and critical experiences in order to shape career development efforts of current and prospective I-Os In addition to the ongoing initiatives, the PPC is making plans to move forward on the following new or expanded goals for the coming year: • Surveying membership’s satisfaction with SIOP’s research access service to identify improvement opportunities and ways to enhance practitioners’ access to cutting edge research • Expanding the SHRM-SIOP Educational Series by pilot testing a joint webinar series to further provide SHRM and 185