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Milestones are worth celebrating, and the 40 th Anniversary of the Canadian Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychol- ogy (CSIOP) is no exception. In this column, we celebrate it by honoring and sharing the past. The CSIOP executive team also describes some of the specific challenges faced by industri- al-organizational psychologists in Canada, such as the presence of two official languages and Canada’s sheer size and geo- graphical diversity. Read on to learn more about the landscape for I-O practitioners and academics in Canada. Happy 40th Anniversary to the Canadian Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology! Silvia Bonaccio (Chair, CSIOP), Joshua Bourdage (Editor), François Chiocchio (CSIOP Chair 2012-2013, current conference program coordinator and webmaster), Gary Latham (CSIOP first president), and Winny Shen (Membership Coordinator) Lynda Zugec The Workforce Consultants I-O psychology is alive and well north of the U.S. border! With this column, we’re pleased to introduce, or reintroduce, the Canadian Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology (CSIOP) to SIOP members. The partnerships between SIOP and I-O psychology in Canada are strong. As with the music industry, many don’t realize that some of our most famous and innova- tive individuals are indeed Canadian. For instance, several SIOP Fellows are Canadian, including John Meyer, Natalie Allen, Gary Johns and Kevin Kelloway, to name a few. Further, SIOP Fellow Gary Latham, who is a founder and was the first chair of CSIOP, served as the president of SIOP from 2008 to 2009. Avid TIP readers may remember that CSIOP has been mentioned in these pages a few times before. In January 1999, Lorne Sulsky wrote about I-O psychology in Canada; in July 2005, Sunjeev Prakash, Greg Sears, and Sikander Majid wrote about the Ottawa I-O psychology group; in April 2007, Jacques Forest wrote on I-O psychology in the French-speaking province of Québec; and in April 2012, Tom O’Neill, then CSIOP’s Communications coordina- tor, wrote about what Canadian scholars are doing to bridge the scientist–practitioner gap. So why write about CSIOP now? For 84 October 2015, Volume 53, Number 2