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SIOP 2017:

32nd Annual Conference: April 27–29, 2017

Preconference Workshops: April 26, 2017


Zack Horn
Program Chair, SIOP 2017
Stitch Fix

Chu-Hsiang (Daisy) Chang
Conference Chair, SIOP 2017
Michigan State University




SIOP is looking to the Future of I-O in 2017, with several all-new initiatives and an outstanding lineup of forward-focused sessions! Planning for this 32nd Annual Conference in Orlando is well underway, so consider this your official notice to mark your calendars. Don’t miss this chance to be a part of shaping the next generation of I-O Psychology.


A sincere thanks to everyone who submitted proposals in response to the Call for Proposals drafted by Daly Vaughn and his CFP commit­tee! The results of the peer re­views will be e-mailed in early December.

Concurrent Sessions: Something for Everyone

As always, the member-submitted, peer-reviewed sessions will be at the heart of our conference. We will have hundreds of sessions featuring I-O psychol­ogy research, practice, theory, and teach­ing-oriented content. Presentations will use a variety of engaging formats including symposia, roundtables, panel discussions, posters, debates, master tutorials, and the alternative session type format for IGNITE, research incubators, and other innovative presentation styles. New this year: look for sessions presenting reproducible research, the newest SIOP initiative aimed at accelerating our science. In addition, we will have cutting-edge tips and insights from SIOP award winners, a host of Executive Board-sponsored sessions, a forward-focused Thursday Theme Track, and several new special sessions that you won’t want to miss!

Thursday Theme Track

The Program Committee is pleased to offer a forward-looking and interactive theme track titled: “Driving Breakthroughs by Anticipating What’s Next: Planning for the Future of I-O Psychology.” For those unfamiliar, the Theme Track is effectively a conference within the broader conference—a full day of programming on Thursday designed to bring President Mort McPhail’s vision to life. The Theme Track will celebrate progress through the years, highlight ongoing initiatives that chart a course for the future, propose new frontiers and up-and-coming career paths, and debate what’s really new on a variety of trending topics. Chair Tracy Kantrowitz and her committee are assembling an exceptional lineup of presenters on a compelling set of future-oriented topics that will provide guidance and insight to all SIOP members on how to prepare for the future. The sessions focus on:

  • a retrospective view of the field from I-O thought leaders who will review progress in our science and practice through lens of major historical events;
  • predictions from business leaders and strategists who have considered the forces likely to impact the future of work, and what this means for I-O research and practice;
  • a panel discussion of I-Os who have embarked on unique career paths that will aim to re-define and anticipate a range of careers suited to the future of work;
  • an IGNITE session highlighting I-Os working at the intersection of other disciplines who demonstrate the increasingly multidisciplinary nature of I-O, sure to inspire attendees to look beyond the bounds of our field to accelerate the future of our science and practice through multidisciplinary collaboration;
  • a debate on the future of several trending areas within I-O that considers what is truly new and necessary to advance the psychology of work.

The Theme Track promises to provide a day of engaging, provocative, and inspiring sessions that will allow attendees to prepare for the future of I-O! These sessions will be scheduled back-to-back in the same room. We invite you to stay all day or attend only the sessions of most interest to you.

Special Sessions

This year we are excited to feature several Invited Sessions throughout the confer­ence, architected by Special Sessions chair Madhura Chakrabarti and her committee.

First, we are very excited to introduce Shaken & Stirred. Inspired by the wildly popular 20x2 format at Austin’s annual SXSW Interactive Festival, Shaken & Stirred is not your typical session—it is a provocative and fun experience designed to inspire and excite. Fifteen boundary-spanning thought leaders from within and outside I-O will be given just two minutes each to answer one seemingly simple question about the future of I-O psychology: “What if…?” Audience engagement is greatly encouraged.   

Second, Reflections on the State of Science will focus on the dramatic growth of I-O psychology as it enters its second century. This session brings together thought leaders who will review the current state of the science while highlighting critical future research directions in three broad focal areas: (a) building the workforce, (b) experiencing and engaging in work, and (c) managing the workforce. In addition to a growing field of I-O psychologists, both theoretical and methodological advances continue to shape the state of the science in I-O psychology.

The third session adopts the future-oriented theme of SIOP 2017 by highlighting how innovative inter-disciplinary techniques can augment traditional I-O methods to detect employee signals. I-O practitioners from the tech industry will discuss how machine learning techniques such as Natural Language Processing (NLP) are being used in people analytics to analyze unstructured data, make sense of large amounts of text, and analyze employee signals to provide meaningful new employee insights.

The fourth session will bring together various perspectives on the topic of teams being at the center of next-generation organizations. Declared the #1 trend in 2016 by Deloitte’s Global Human Capital Trends Survey, “The New Organization: Different by Design” envisions the new organization as a team of teams. Four practitioners, backed by extensive academic research, will discuss what it means to be operating in a team of teams: how to measure effectiveness, why some teams are liked more than others, whether hierarchical structures can be replaced by teams, which are the strongest predictors of team performance, and more.

Master Collaboration

Each year, the Program Committee cre­ates a Master Collaboration session that connects leading researchers and practi­tioners on a topic. The goal is to facilitate science–practice connections, enhancing the understanding of the topic from both perspectives and sparking ideas for contin­ued collaboration. This year's Master Collaboration session, What We Didn't Learn in Graduate School, will take a deep dive into the skills that I-O psychologists need to be successful in their careers but were not a part of their formal graduate training. Academics and practitioners will come together for a discussion of some of the most relevant and impactful skills that are not (yet) commonly developed in I-O psychology graduate programs.

Friday Seminars

Friday Seminars offer a unique educational opportunity within the body of the confer­ence. These 3-hour sessions are the only extended-length session on the schedule and take place on Friday. The sessions are intended to provide a rich immersion ex­perience for attendees about cutting-edge content areas presented by true content experts. Each session is shaped around learning objectives in order to ensure that professional developmental goals are met. Please note that Fri­day Seminars require advance registration and an additional fee. This year’s Friday Seminars committee, led by Kisha Jones, will offer the following six sessions:

  • The Intersection of Diversity and Defensibility (Speakers: Toni Locklear and Keith Caver)
  • Embedding High-Performance Culture Through New Approaches to Performance Management (Speaker: Elaine Pulakos and Sharon Arad)
  • The Use of "Mobile" Devices in Employment-Related Testing and Assessment (Speaker: Winfred Arthur)
  • Experience Sampling Methodology (Speakers: Louis Tay and Marilyn Uy)
  • Bridging the ScientistPractitioner Gap: Becoming Better-Informed Consumers of Research Findings (Speakers: Wayne Cascio and Sheldon Zedeck)
  • Automated Conversion of Social Media into Data: Demonstration and Tutorial (Speaker: Richard Landers)

Featured Posters

We will once again showcase the top 20 rated posters at an evening all-conference reception. Come view some of the best sub­missions to the conference while enjoying drinks in a relaxed atmosphere with the presenters. If you’ve never been to this event, make 2017 the year you check it out!

Communities of Interest

Looking for a SIOP forum that is informal, insightful, and encourages audience interac­tion and participation? The 2017 Communities of Interest allow you to meet new people, discuss new ideas, and have an active role at the forefront of a hot topic in I-O. These sessions are designed to enhance existing communities and create new ones around common themes or interests. They have no chair, presenters, discussant, or even slides. Instead, they are audience-driven discussions informally moderated by one or two facilitators with insights on a topic of interest. These are great sessions to attend if you would like to meet potential collaborators, generate ideas, have stimulating conversations, meet some new friends with common interests, or expand your network to include other like-minded SIOP members. Chair Tony Boyce and the rest of the COI Commit­tee are lining up some great sessions and facilitators for this year’s conference, cover­ing a wide range of topic areas:

  • Editorial Landscape: Where We've Been and Where We're Going
  • Shootings and Hate Crimes: How I-Os Can Help & Support
  •  I-Os and Space-Related Research
  • Technology Trends Leading HR Practice: Key Opportunities for Research?
  • Inductive Versus Deductive Research: Both/And, not Either/Or
  • Fostering Collaboration Between Data/Computer Scientists and I-Os
  • rends in Learning and Development Research and Practice
  • Trends in Job Analysis Research and Practice
  • Organizational Neuroscience: Innovative Research and Applications
  • Multiteam Systems
  • Effective Onboarding of Leaders
  • Resilience, Grit, Conscientiousness: Research-Based and Practical Distinctions?

Continuing Education Credits

The annual conference offers many oppor­tunities for attendees to earn continuing education credits, whether for psychology licensure, HR certifications, or other pur­poses. Information about the many ways to earn CE credit at the SIOP annual con­ference can be found at http://www.siop.org/ce and will be continually updated as more information becomes available.

Closing Plenary and Reception

Your Conference Committee is in the process of finalizing our closing plenary speaker. Although we can’t give specifics, we promise you an “out of this world” experience! We will follow the closing plenary with our closing reception. The conference committee invites you to join us on Saturday evening at a Havana Nights themed closing reception that will be filled with Latin-American inspired music, dance, and delicious food.

The Conference Hotel  

The Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin Resort will provide an ideal setting for our conference. Our Welcome Reception will be held outdoors in the Garden Pavilions, and entire scholarly program will be held in the Dolphin hotel. The resort offers a wide variety of activities on-site (there are five pools at the resort!), various Disney-related benefits (e.g., transportation to the parks; extended park hours), and is within walking distance from bars and restaurants ranging from family-friendly choices to foodie-approved options. Please see the SIOP Web page for details on booking your room and taking full advantage of all the SIOP conference has to offer.

It’s only October when this goes to press, but we hope we’ve sparked your excitement for SIOP 2017 and Orlando. We can’t wait to see you there!