Prosocial I-O Initiatives


Purposes and Benefits

Pro-social I-O work broadly refers to volunteer or extra-role behavior that applies I-O psychology research, methodologies and practice in an effort to benefit others and/or society as a whole. This is often performed in exchange for little or no compensation. Pro-social I-O work may also include paid work and/or in-role behaviors by individuals for whom societal benefits were a key factor in pursuing their current career path, job, employer, or specific project. This site aims to facilitate the advancement of these endeavors.

Watch this site for new projects and activities, and for information on how you can share your own Pro-social efforts!

Prosocial Causes Served

Pro-social activities may involve both research and practical application and operate on a wide range of problems in a diversity of settings. Pro-social activities may focus on applying I-O psychology to issues such as, poverty reduction and the recruitment and selection of volunteers to aid in natural disasters. Efforts may focus on applying I-O in the nonprofit context to enhance the effectiveness of organizations focused on improving societal well-being, or in the for-profit context to facilitate societal well-being through corporate social responsibility, environmental sustainability, and corporate volunteerism.

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