SIOP and the United Nations

Project GLOW presented by John C. Scott

SIOP Statements to the UN

The Aging Workforce

Humanitarian Work Psychology: Concepts to Contributions


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A “GLOW” (Global Living Organizational Wage): Where We Stand on the Issue of Living Wages (2017)

Initiatives for Women and the SIOP UN Committee (2017)

News From the SIOP-United Nations Committee: Congratulations to George Mason I-O for Becoming a United Nations Global Compact Participant! (2017)

SIOP’s Advocacy for Corporate Social Responsibility, Humanitarian Work Psychology, and Sustainable Development Continues: The SIOP CSR Summit (2016)

United Nations Policy Brief – Decent Work for All: Leveraging Big Data for a Human-Centered Approach to Sustainable Development (2016)

Unleashing Human Potential Through The Science of Work (2016)

The world sets new goals: How should I-O psychology respond? (2015)

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