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The SIOP and Division 14 Virtual Wing

Here you will find the history of SIOP and Division 14, such as Laura Koppes’ historical overview of SIOP, a graphical timeline of SIOP’s history, and other items.

Perhaps the best place to start to learn about SIOP’s history is Laura Koppes' historical overview of SIOP:

Early Website

The SIOP website was launched in 1995.  You can view snapshots of the website taken at various points in time over the past 20 years at

Early Bylaws

An early copy of the Division 14 bylaws can be found here:

Division 14 bylaws 1949


Early Executive Board Minutes

You can view copies of the Division 14 Executive Committee meeting minutes from 1946, 1947 and 1949 in the January 1997 of TIP

Early Division 14 Reports

Early copies of Division 14 reports on training and the conference program can be viewed here:

Wesman Husband & Mold (1949) Report on Committee on Training.pdf

Divsion 14 Program Comittee Report 1951 From January 1997 TIP

President Moore Letter

This is a letter from the first President of Division 14, Bruce V. Moore, to members of the Divisions’ Executive Committee:

Moore (1946) Update Memo-reprinted January 1997 TIP


Other Important Articles

Ludy T. Benjamin, Jr. has written an excellent history of Division 14 and SIOP and a history of the days before Division 14 and SIOP.

James L. Farr wrote an article in TIP on the creation of Division 14 (Farr (1997) Division 14 Creation and Early History) and Fred Wickert reminisced about the American Association for Applied Psychology’s reunification with APA in 1946 (Wickert (1997) reminiscences of 1946). 

An undated report by Harold Burtt, Leonard Ferguson, and Douglas Freyer, later published in the January 1997 issue of TIP, covers the early history of the predecessor to Division 14 (Burtt Ferguson & Fryer (nd) Report on Early History of Division 14 from January 1997 TIP).

SIOP Timeline

In preparation for the SIOP time capsule, a brief timeline of the history of SIOP was created in 2015.

Click HERE or on the graphic at left to see the timeline.


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