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A diverse group of SIOP members are serving as Trend Champions for the people-related work trends that SIOP members collaboratively predicted to be the most impactful in 2021. Each Trend Champion has expertise in and professional passion for their trend subject. SIOP appreciates their service to the profession in providing quarterly updates on their chosen topics.

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The Latest on Trend #3: Implementing Strategies and Measuring Progress on Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belongingness (DEI&B)




2021 3rd Quarter Update

This quarter I had the pleasure of connecting with SIOPer and CEO/Founder of Mattingly Solutions, Dr. Victoria Mattingly, whose work is focused on partnering with organizations to build data-driven DEI strategies and implement behavior change interventions focused on measurement, inclusive behaviors, and allyship. Mattingly Solutions is currently validating an applied research tool to advance the practice of DEI in the workplace and I am eager for Mattingly’s forthcoming book (including SIOPer co-author Sertrice Grice), “Inclusalytics: How Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Leaders Use Data to Drive Their Work”, which will provide an actionable framework for measuring and improving DEI. 

Gartner produced an article, “How to Measure Diversity, Equity and Inclusion”, that provides recommendations for measuring the components of DEI including how to track it, opportunities for action, and potential pitfalls. Another report from Gartner, “Measuring Equity in Candidate Experience”, dives into a recent study on the candidate experience where they leveraged data to understand the impact of diversity in acquiring talent and recommendations for ensuring an equitable candidate experience.

Harvard Business Review published an article, “How to Set and Meet your Company’s Diversity Goals”, sharing practical advice on Accenture’s journey of setting diversity goals, leveraging data, creating accountability and achieving sustainable change. An HRBP podcast, “Moving the Needle on DEI”, covers similar topics from the perspective of Shelly McNamara, Proctor & Gamble’s chief equality and inclusion officer.


2021 2nd Quarter Update

In this quarterly update of "Implementing Strategies & Measuring Progress on DEI and Belonging", I'd like to touch on three items: (1) takeaways from the 2021 SIOP Annual Conference, (2) exciting news in D&I measurement, and (3) articles that caught my eye this quarter.

I had the opportunity to attend the 2021 SIOP Annual Conference this past April, the world’s largest annual gathering of Industrial-Organizational Psychology practitioners, researchers, educators, and students. Despite the event being virtual, I could feel the buzz and excitement around DEI. People were connecting; sharing research, stories, and experiences; and learning from one another. It was truly a remarkable experience!

Reflecting on the content shared by leading I/O psychologists and SIOP members, I walked away with many insights that enable successful DEI programs within organizations. However, I wanted to highlight just a few key takeaways that are applicable to programs and measurement focused on DEI:

  •  Support from the top; get their buy-in; start slow and small
  •  Integrate into everything that we do, take a systems approach
  •  Treat as any other business strategy; alignment to core organizational values
  •  Celebrate small victories, be iterative and nimble
  •  Create accountability through measurement
  •  Establish outcome-based metrics and leading indicators for those outcomes

On to exciting news in the D&I measurement space! The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) published the first global standard for D&I: the ISO 30415, Human Resource Management – Diversity and Inclusion. This standard provides a starting point for organizations to develop D&I metrics and enable a common language across this discipline. Thank you to the I/O practitioners, SIOP members, and individuals from various backgrounds for your expertise and contributions.

Finally, here are a few articles that caught my eye this quarter.

2021 1st Quarter Update

There has been an explosion of coverage on diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) across all facets of our daily life. Our work-life hasn’t escaped this fate, with companies feeling the mounting pressure to provide transparency into the diversity of their workforce and make progress towards DEI within their organization and communities. This call-to-action is coming from some of the world’s largest investment firms including BlackRock and State Street Global Advisors who intend to vote against company directors that fail to meet the standards for progress, government agencies like the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission influencing through public-policy reform, and job seekers and employees who are leveraging social tools such as Glassdoor to evaluate a prospective company’s DEI performance.

A recent study found that only 6.3% of America’s largest corporations (59/931) disclosed intersectional data on gender by race/ethnicity that is derived from an EEO-1 Report (up from 27 corporations in 2019). However, there is a rise in those who have publicly announced their commitment to progress on DEI with likes of Starbucks, Target, Dropbox, McDonald’s, and Chipotle among others. Some going as far as incentivizing their senior leadership teams by linking executive compensation to diversity goals. There is no doubt a rise in transparency and accountability on the topic and as they say, “what gets measured, gets managed”.

I'm looking forward to attending SIOP Conference in April to see the latest research around strategies and measurement of impacting DEI.


Champion: Tony Cooley, MA

Tony Cooley, MA

Tony Cooley is an HR professional with over 8 years’ experience specializing in people analytics, employee listening, measurement, research design, and strategic workforce planning. He has a passion for creating consumable analytics solutions and connecting people levers that drive business outcomes. Tony holds a master’s degree from St. Cloud State University in Industrial-Organizational Psychology and is currently a People Analytics Consultant at CH Robinson.