Top Ten Work Trends Quarterly Updates

A diverse group of SIOP members are serving as Trend Champions for the people-related work trends that SIOP members collaboratively predicted to be the most impactful in 2021. Each Trend Champion has expertise in and professional passion for their trend subject. SIOP appreciates their service to the profession in providing quarterly updates on their chosen topics.

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The Latest on Trend #10: Virtual Learning

2021 1st Quarter Update

The big COVID pivot finally brought corporate learning and development (L&D) to the table as strategic leaders and awakened the world to the true value of educators globally. The need to quickly upskill and reskill talent required rapid digital transformation in order to repurpose content aligned to new virtual learning strategies. We learned that we are agile, we can adapt, and we can make smart strategic decisions in a pinch.

Additionally, in the US, the recent Security & Exchange Commission’s mandate for public companies to report the material value of their human capital effective November 2020 was another opportunity for corporate L&D functions to step up as strategic leaders to demonstrate business impact. The SEC mandate was a surprise to many organizations, and they scrambled to publicly define the material value of human capital. We didn’t do such a great job in FY21Q1, but we will get better! Across the next few years, watch the explosive rise of human capital measurement consulting and platforms.

Taken together, the future of learning, upskilling, virtual training, and reporting the material value of human capital were hot topics in FY21Q1. Hot topics to watch in Q2 include more opportunities for virtual training and strategies for closing organization skills gaps

About Stacey Boyle

Stacey Boyle has over 25 years’ experience in L&D strategic consulting, serving as an executive advisor to CLOs and learning leaders. She is recognized as a thought leader and expert in delivering human capital measurement solutions. Stacey shares some of her best practices in her book, “Be More Strategic in Business: How to Win through Stronger Leadership and Smarter Decisions,” co-authored with Diana Thomas, former McDonald’s CLO. Dr. Boyle has a Ph.D. in applied behavioral studies – research and evaluation, an M.S. in psychometrics, and a B.A. in psychology from Oklahoma State University.