Top Ten Work Trends Quarterly Updates

A diverse group of SIOP members are serving as Trend Champions for the people-related work trends that SIOP members collaboratively predicted to be the most impactful in 2021. Each Trend Champion has expertise in and professional passion for their trend subject. SIOP appreciates their service to the profession in providing quarterly updates on their chosen topics.

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The Latest on Trend #6: Social Justice

Payal Beri


2021 1st Quarter Update

The commitment and focus on social justice in organizations continues with both large companies, and growing companies walking the talk on their commitments.  In Q1, e-discovery firm Relativity sourced  yet another round of candidates for its Fellows program, in a continued effort to help opportunity be more broadly distributed.  In a recently updated publication on addressing Social Issues in the Workplace, Melodie Bond-Hillman, PhD, Sr. Manager of HR and Administration at XYPRO Technology Corporation reinforced her company’s commitment to representation and fairness.  To attract and retain diverse candidates, XYPRO recruits from a broad talent pool, provides training and invests in fostering employee social interaction. Research continued as well. Inspired by professor and SIOP member, Susanne Bruyere’s Autism at Work course, an ILR undergrad conducted research focused on autistic LGBTQ+ employment experiences to help understand how to provide pathways to meaningful employment for this group.

Just released for Q2, you’ll want to read an HBR article on social justice for Asian workers:  What your Asian employees need right now, and be sure to attend the April 16 I-O Coffee House Session at the Annual SIOP Conference, which will focus on anti-racism efforts in I-O.

About Payal Beri

Payal Beri is a Leadership Mindset Coach for highly driven empathic women leaders. Current clients include Sony Music and Betterment.  She has also developed global leadership programs for organizations including McDonalds, Southern California Edison, and US Foods. Payal speaks on many of the topics she coaches including imposter syndrome, perfectionism, social constructs and identity, as well as viewing empathy as an approach to leading teams effectively; and she hosts a podcast series called the Unapologetic Woman with Payal Beri. As a PhD candidate in Organizational Psychology (2021) Payal has researched the role of empathy and psychological safety in creating transparent and accountable workplaces. Based on her findings and years of experience coaching hundreds of executives, she has formulated her Three Pillar Leadership Framework: Empathy for others, Compassion for self, and Accountability for both.