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Call for Submissions

Guidelines & Process, Review & Provocation Paper Section, Human Resource Management Journal

The editorial team of HRMJ would like to invite authors to submit proposals for the Journal’s Review & Provocation section. See this link for an overview of the papers published to date:

Provocation Papers

For some years, we have published provocations as part of our ‘Provocation: HRM in the 21st Century’ series with the objective of stimulating debate in key areas of HRM. We began the provocation series as part of volume 21 and this was initially open to invited authors only. The series has since been opened up to author proposals, starting in 2017. Papers consider a key aspect or a specific contribution of research to HRM theory and practice. The rationale is either to challenge the conventional wisdom in the specific area, or to propose a new way forward for future research. Each of the articles is conceptual and relatively short, that is no more than 5,000 words. Notable examples include the Thompson (2011), Godard (2013) and Guest (2017) pieces.

Review Papers

The review section of the Journal has longer papers of up to 10,000 words. We do not seek to impose a single structure on our reviews. There could be several ways of contributing conceptually – a systematic review (which could link to policy or practice issues), a conceptual review proposing new research questions/propositions, or thought pieces which foreshadow new directions. Review paper submissions will be evaluated with respect to the following criteria:

  • Relevance: The proposed manuscript should fit with the HRMJ mission and appeal to the core audience.
  • Implications for new directions: The proposal should convey important implications for future HRM scholars.
  • Is the review constructive? The review should go beyond summarizing extant knowledge, critiquing what has been achieved to date, and making suggestions on how a field should move forward.


We are inviting 2,000-word proposals from those interested in submitting a paper for a Provocation or Review paper. Proposals should be submitted between 1 April and 1 May 2019. The proposals will be evaluated by the editors and those invited to submit full papers will be subject to editorial review. Full papers should be submitted within 6 months of the invitation.

Proposals for both provocation and review papers should include the following as a minimum:

  • The proposed author(s) including affiliations and short biographies (150-200 words in addition to the proposal)
  • A statement of the core topic of the provocation/review and a provisional title
  • Identification of the body of theory or empirical research on which the provocation/review builds, including previous work published in HRMJ where appropriate
  • An indication of the anticipated theoretical contribution and practical importance of the provocation/review to intellectual debate within HRM
  • A statement demonstrating why the provocation/review is best placed in HRMJ

Proposals should be submitted to the HRMJ’s e-mail ( Please be sure to clearly indicate whether the proposal is a Review or Provocation; when submitting proposals please include in the email submission line either ‘HRMJ Provocation Proposal’ or ‘HRMJ Review Proposal’. Please note that proposals may not be submitted until April 1, 2019 and HRMJ will not be able to consider late submissions.

Enquiries related to the call should be directed to Martin Edwards


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