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Jenny Baker
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Why SIOP Members Should Attend the Leading Edge Consortium

Nikki Blacksmith, U.S. Army Research Institute for Behavioral and Social Sciences; Doug Reynolds, DDI; & John Scott, APTMetrics

Technology-enhanced assessments for selection and development have flourished over the past several decades. Sophisticated assessment programs that weren’t possible even a few years ago can now be assembled and launched on a global scale to measure almost any attribute in any language with greater realism, efficiency, and precision than ever before. As a new generation of technology-driven applications comes of age, new issues and opportunities have emerged that require assessment professionals to respond with an informed perspective that balances return on investment and appropriate professional and scientific rigor.

The field of assessment is at a critical stage in its evolution. The intersection of new technologies, globalization, and market shifts among assessment providers has created significant tensions for both science and practice that require ongoing vigilance and creativity.Few forums exist to integrate the advancements in practice fueled by these trends and the streams of research that might inform their course of development. This is why SIOP is hosting the 2019 Leading Edge Consortium (LEC):


Advancing the Edge: Assessment for the 2020s

Lowe’s Hotel-Atlanta

October 25-26, 2019


The 2019 LEC is focused on bringing together a diverse group of thought leaders who explore the evolving state of practice and related science and frame out practical solutions for managing the disruption and incorporating new insights and technologies into organizational assessment programs.

We have a full program planned! Below are just a few highlights:


Keynote Speakers Include:

Darko Lovric, Incandescent

Taking a Venture Capitalist Perspective on People Analytics


Thomas Dimitroff, General Manager, Atlanta Falcons

An NFL General Manager’s view on Assessment and Talent


Robert Hogan, Hogan Assessment Systems

Personality Measurement: Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow


Paul Sackett, University of Minnesota

Putting the Pieces Together: Reflections on the Next Chapter of Assessment Progress



Main Program Topics & Speakers

Advances & Trends

Nathan Mondragon (HireVue) - Whole Candidate Evaluation With AI: Prediction of Job Success Without the Bias

Robert Gibby (IBM) - AI-Based Assessment Methods

Daly Vaughn (Shaker) - Social Media and Selection

MQ Liu (Amazon) - Leveraging Unstructured Data Sources

Ken Lahti (SHL) - Innovations in Mobile Assessment Of Talent

Seymour Adler (Aon) - Technology and Simulation Design: Opportunities and Cautions

Richard Landers (University of Minnesota) - Reflections on Advances & Trends


Regulations/Principles & Standards Update

Nancy Tippins (The Nancy T. Tippins Group) - Update on SIOP Principles revision

Jenny Yang (Urban Institute) – A Perspective on Equity and the Algorithmic-Driven Hiring Process

Kate Andresen, Esq. (Nilan Johnson Lewis) - Data Privacy and GDPR

Kathleen Lundquist (APTMetrics) - Reflections on Legal & Standards Updates


Advances in the Science of Assessment

Fritz Drasgow (University of Illinois) - Faking-Resistant Personality Assessments

Adam Meade (North Carolina State University) – Rapid Response Measurement: Reliable, Faking-Resistant Measurement in Less Than 20 Seconds

Scott Tonidandel (UNC-Charlotte) – Leveraging Text Data for Assessment Using NLP and Machine Learning

Neal Schmitt (Michigan State University) - Reflections on New Measurement Advances


Can Assessment Help Us Grow?

Jessica Parisi (BTS) - High-Fidelity Assessments, Top Performers, and Transformers

Erin Laxson (Hogan) - Using Personality Assessments to Guide Development of Effective Leaders 

Sarah Stawiski (CCL) - Bringing on the Proof of Development Assessment Centers

Evan Sinar (Better-up) - Coaching-Centric Assessments: Deep Data to Fuel Guided Growth

Jose David - Facilitator (Merck)


Featured Presenters

The Commercialization of Assessments: Managing the Risks

Adam Klein, Esq., Outten & Golden LLP

Ken Willner, Esq., Paul Hastings, LLP


High-Impact Practitioner Talks

As part of the 2019 LEC conference, we are featuring brief, high-impact talks by a diverse group of experienced practitioners who will share case studies to explore new insights into traditional views of assessment and selection practices. These talks will generate thought-provoking ideas for managing the disruption associated with new technologies, evolving business processes, and market shifts among the major providers. More information will follow soon on these high-impact talks and will be posted on the .


Preconference Workshops

AI x AI: Let's Talk Assessment Innovation and Artificial Intelligence

Robert Gibby (IBM), Faisal Ansari (Knockri), Matthew Neale (Revelian)

Technology advances, including artificial intelligence and gaming, are creating new possibilities for more engaging, efficient, and predictive assessments. This workshop will focus on innovations for screening, cognitive ability and soft skill assessments, as well as applications for interviews. The workshop will go beyond the demos and user experiences to unpack the science and analytics underlying these next-generation assessments to help attendees make informed decisions.


What Do We Know, Think We Know, and Know We Don't Know?Insights From the Latest Multidisciplinary Research on Assessment

Ann Marie Ryan (Michigan State University), Anthony Boyce (Amazon)

This workshop will highlight research from multiple disciplines relevant to the assessment space.  The workshop will provide a brief update on recent research for "Old School Assessment" tools and approaches, as well as dive into the latest research on top assessment trends, such as ondemand video interviews, multimedia simulations, modularization, gamification, mobile, and so on, and discuss the impact of research in other disciplines.  Besides summarizing what is new, the workshop will identify key gaps in our knowledge and discuss how multidisciplinary research can help broaden our thinking about the future of selection.


Validation Meets Innovation: Doing Selection Right in the 2020s!

Nancy Tippins (The Nancy T. Tippins Group), Fred Oswald (Rice University), Mort McPhail

This workshop will explore issues related to job analysis, test development, criterion development, and validation as they apply to new assessment tools (e.g., selection procedures based on artificial intelligence, facial recognition, and performance in games) that are emerging in our field.  The content of this workshop is designed to refresh practitioners’ skills, expand their knowledge base, and highlight areas in which best practices have not yet been defined and will be grounded in existing legal and professional guidelines.


Why should you attend?

Well, aside from the awesome speaker line up, there are many other benefits to attending! Attendees will:

  • Gain a deeper appreciation for the changes occurring in selection and assessment practice
  • Learn how new technologies, evolving business processes, and market shifts are disrupting assessment
  • Be equipped to critique new innovations that balances business’s ROI priorities with sound science
  • Understand opportunities associated with emerging technologies
  • Have the opportunity to provide input on the future of assessment
  • Extend their professional network


The LEC is only as successful as the group of people it brings together. We invite anybody with an interest in assessment, technology, or the future of work to join us.

If you want to learn more, please visit the LEC website or send an email to

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