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Calls and Announcements

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Member Reminders

Vote on the Bylaws, Save on Supplies

One of the privileges of being a full member of SIOP is the ability to vote on issues that directly affect the Society. The Executive Board recently voted to support two changes to SIOP’s Bylaws. In accordance with Article IX (Amendments) of the Bylaws, member voting on the two proposed amendments concludes on July 19, 2019

The vote is being conducted electronically. All voting members (Fellows, Members, Retired Fellows, and Retired Members) of SIOP may vote on the amendments. 

Cast your vote here.

One of the many benefits SIOP offers to all members is free access to the SIOP Saving Center.

The SIOP Saving Center offers exclusive deals on office supplies, hotels, and even offers personal benefits.

For the month of July, Office Depot is offering members-only specials. Register for online ordering to save up to 81% off additional kitchen, breakroom, and office products.

To explore all the savings possibilities, click here.

***SIOP Newsbriefs is a weekly AI newsletter sent electronically to SIOP members.

Sent every Wednesday, the newsletter consists of a SIOP News section, which contains information of interest to SIOP members as well as items about the research of the members themselves. Also included is the TOP INDUSTRY NEWS section, a curated listing of stories about the workplace that relate to important SIOP topics. These stories may be included because they address pertinent issues, present new areas for research, or simply stir debate. Members can opt to take advantage of the AI functionality of the new Newsbriefs as well. By doing so, a third section is added to each newsletter, with content based on your individual interests. For information on how to customize your Newsbriefs, click HERE.


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