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Call for unpublished research for leadership and follower engagement/burnout meta-analysis

Dear Colleagues,

Jan Luca Pletzer, Arnold Bakker, and I are working on a meta-analysis about the relations of constructive (such as transformational, empowering and servant) and destructive (such as abusive and tyrannical) leadership with follower work engagement and burnout. Our aim is to examine the relations between different leadership styles and both follower work engagement and burnout, as well as to compare the relations between constructive and destructive leadership styles and these outcomes. To get the best overview of the magnitude of the relations, it is crucial that we also include unpublished studies in this area.

We are therefore calling for unpublished data

  1. including quantitative measures of leadership as well as follower engagement and/or burnout (or their subdimensions)
  2. including working adults (18+) as participants

Requested information:

  1. The correlation r between any leadership style and follower work engagement and/or follower burnout (or their subdimensions when one or two dimensions were included) along with the respective sample size N and the internal reliabilities a for all variables.
  2. If available, the correlation r and the sample size N between any leadership style, follower work engagement and/or follower burnout (or their subdimensions) with any type of performance measure (e.g., OCB, innovation, CWB).
  3. The reference to be included in our reference list.

We are looking for unpublished manuscripts, but also dissertations and work in progress or in press. We are hoping that you are willing to share any information with us that matches our inclusion criteria by sending an email to Kimberley Breevaart ( or Jan Luca Pletzer ( Thank you in advance!

Kind regards,

Kimberley Breevaart, Jan Luca Pletzer, Arnold Bakker

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