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Amber Stark

Research Request: Meta-analysis of Preventive Interventions Concerning Alcohol Use at Work

A workgroup of Dr. Renate Soellner, a professor at the Institute of Psychology at the University of Hildesheim, Germany, is currently conducting a meta-analysis of studies that evaluate preventive interventions concerning alcohol use at work.

In this regard we are searching for unpublished prevention/intervention studies focusing on the use of alcohol with control-group design, alcohol- and or job-related outcomes.

We would be more than happy if you could support us by sending corresponding studies or information on data to

Information required:

  • sample sizes (intervention group(s) and control group(s)),
  • mean values and standard deviations of intervention- and control groups,
  • effect size (e.g. Cohen´s d), if available.

If you are interested in more information you are very welcome to contact us. Also, we would very much appreciate if you would share this request with people who may have relevant data.

Thank you so much.

Lena Fellbaum
M.Sc. Psychology
University of Hildesheim
Universitatsplatz 1
31141 Hildesheim

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