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Amber Stark

Voice Your Opinion to Reshape the APA Ethics Code

As SIOP members, we are bound to the APA Ethics Code. This Ethics Code is currently being revised. The APA Ethics Code Task Force (ECTF) has developed an initial draft of the introduction, definitions, principles, and structure that will transform the current APA Ethics Code. The ECTF has requested that various APA governance groups (including divisions) review and comment upon an initial draft of their revised principles.

There are eight draft principles shown here. Each principle includes a brief introduction, followed by bullet points consistent with each principle. The principles are in alphabetical order. Keep in mind that principles, articulated in the code, are not enforceable. The ECTF considers the principles to be both foundational and aspirational.

SIOP’s Committee for the Advancement of Professional Ethics (CAPE) is responsible for drafting a response to these draft Principles for review and approval by our Executive Board. At this time, we are asking for feedback that will help ensure this response reflects broad input from SIOP members. Please provide your feedback here by August 26, 2020. Thank you for your contributions, as you are an important part of the development of a new APA Ethics Code.

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