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Amber Stark

22nd SIOPSA Annual Conference Dec. 1-3

Conference Will Be Virtual

The 22nd SIOPSA Annual Conference - Leading Through Innovation, Navigating The New World of Work - will be held virtually Dec. 1-3.

SIOP members can receive a discount by using the link accessible by logging into their account.

The conference will feature 10 keynote speakers, more than 100 speakers from around the world, more than 60 sessions, access to conference content on demand for 60 days, an interactive virtual conference platform, an innovative product demo track, and a virtual conference expo. Themes include Teams & Culture, Wellness & Health, Employee Experience and Engagement, Talent Attraction, Development & Mobility, Innovative Leadership, and the Neuroscience of Innovation.

 From the conference brochure:

"The new world of work can be described as disruptive, technologically driven, and a rapidly changing global environment. The IOP profession needs to support organisations, leaders and employees through innovative leadership and sound behavioural expertise. As behavioural experts IOP’s are called to think divergently and creatively to transform the new world of work through influencing organisational strategy; culture; leadership; employee health and performance.

We are called to ready the employee, leader and organisation to thrive in the new reality of work. The ambition of the 2020 SIOPSA Annual Conference is to reach practical and scientific solutions for clients, academic institutions, organisations, teams, and industry leaders.

We want to see a vigorous and renewed conversation that includes all parties to lay claim on our future."

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