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Jenny Baker

Call for Companies to Participate in a Study of How to Hire Interns

Existing scientific research on internships as a method of personnel selection is virtually nonexistent compared to the extensiveness of its use in large organizations and the important role it plays in hiring professional employees.  If your company uses interns for any jobs, you might be interested in this study.  We are only asking for existing information you may have, and you will benefit by receiving a report that should help you better utilize this staffing method.

Our use of the term interns should be interpreted broadly. We include formal and informal programs, co-op programs, and any other program where entry-level professional employees are hired temporarily while in school as a method of staffing and student development.

Research Objectives

  1. Explore how internship programs affect performance and retention of new hires.
  2. Compare internships as an employee selection method to other methods of selection.
  3. Evaluate whether internship programs may reduce adverse impact in the hiring of minorities and women compared to other selection techniques.
  4. Determine better ways to utilize interns, both to increase their contribution to the organizations and improve their development. 

Deliverables to the Organization as a Benefit of Participation

  1. Technical report of findings
  2. Virtual presentation (recorded/live)
  3. Copies of any publications based on the data

Data Collection

To accomplish the research objectives, we are looking for organizational records data that include employee selection procedure scores, internship application and selection information, performance evaluations of interns and full-time employees, employment dates, demographics of applicants and employees, and other outcomes you may care about as an organization (e.g., engagement, promotions, salary, etc.).

Contact Information

​John D. Arnold
University of Missouri

Emily D. Campion
Old Dominion University

Michael A. Campion
Purdue University

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