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Amber Stark

Call for Organizational Behavior and Human Resource Management Cases for the 2021 NACRA Annual Meeting

This is a call for Organizational Behavior and Human Resource Management cases for the 2021 North American Case Research Association (NACRA) annual meeting. The submission deadline is June 14, 2021 and the website for the conference and call for proposals may be found here:

NACRA is an excellent conference for case writers. Case writers whom cases are selected will participate in the conference, receiving tailored feedback through NACRA’s distinctive round-table setting. For new case writers, NACRA offers a “start-up” workshop, where first-time case authors can present 2-page early cases for an in-depth discussion on how to shape their research into a full case and instructor’s manual. Traditionally, conference presenters have aimed to publish their research in the publication of NACRA, the Case Research Journal. In addition, cases published in the Case Research Journal are distributed by Harvard Business Publishing, The Case Center,, and Wilfrid Laurier University.  While “NACRA” has the words “North American” in its title, know that scholars from around the world present at our conference.

The 2021 annual meeting will take place virtually from October 14 through October 16. To learn more about NACRA, visit While this call is specific to OB/HRM cases, faculty with cases in the other business disciplines are welcome to submit to the appropriate tracks.

For more information, you may contact the track chair: Danielle J. Clark, DBA, Business Instructor, Hillsborough Community College (

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