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Mark Peterson

Call for Contributions Workshop on Research Advances in Organizational Behavior & Human Resources Management

The workshop on Research Advances in Organizational Behavior and Human Resources Management will be held at the PSL, University of Paris-Dauphine, in Paris, France, from May 17th & 18th May, 2022.

We cordially invite researchers to submit papers or posters to be presented at the workshop. Please see below for further details concerning the workshop schedule and the submission process.

An Open Conference will be held by HRM professionals, to whom you will be allowed to ask questions regarding how research can be helpful to them.

This workshop will be concluded by a roundtable of our guests.


Workshop schedule
We invite submissions relating to any of the following topics:

Work motivation, workplace commitment, well-being, organizational justice, psychological contract, organizational trust, interpersonal trust, cooperation, organizational identity, decision-making, organizational effectiveness, corporate social responsibility, diversity

Intergenerational differences at work, role management, social exchange theories, employment relationships, leadership, work and health, work-home balance, future of work, high performance work systems, HRM policies and practices, compensation management, socialization…


Papers exploring new questions in OB-HRM research, with a qualitative or a quantitative perspective, are also encouraged.

We welcome papers that adopt a theoretical or an empirical perspective (quantitative or qualitative) on these topics. Submissions may be research-in-progress, a draft manuscript, or a paper that is ready to be submitted to a journal. PhD students are invited to present advances in their doctoral research projects in order to stimulate discussion and feedback. All papers selected for presentation will be reviewed and commented on by two of the invited guests.

A poster session will be organized for early-stage research and/or voluntary submissions. Each day, a one-hour session will be provided by the authors, who will also be available to discuss their research during lunches.

During the sessions, authors will have 10 minutes to present their research, followed by 20 minutes for discussion, which will include both specific feedbacks from invited guests and an open discussion with the audience.

Submission process
Please confirm your intention to participate in the workshop by submitting a title and a 10- to 20-line abstract by January 10th, 2022 via email to:, both for full-texts and for posters.  

The final deadline for the submission of full-text papers is February 11th, 2022.


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