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Mark Peterson

Call for Unpublished Data on Applicant Reaction to Diversity Statements

Purdue University Industrial-Organizational Psychology is conducting a meta-analysis of the effect of diversity statements in recruitment materials on minority recruitment. We define diversity statements as written commitment to or emphasis on diversity-enhancing initiatives and policies of the organization (e.g., equal employment opportunity statement).


To minimize publication bias, we would like to include in our analysis any datasets that are unpublished or under review. Specifically, we are seeking datasets that meet the following conditions:

1.    Examine the recruitment of job applicants in field or lab settings

2.    Include racial/ethnic or gender minorities in the sample

3.    Contain an experimental manipulation of:

a.    A presence/absence of diversity statements in recruitment materials (e.g., job postings); OR
b.    Various characteristics of diversity statements (e.g., length)

4.    Contain dependent variable measures of:

a.    Attitudes towards organization/job (e.g., organizational attractiveness); OR
b.    Intention to apply; OR
c.    Application behavior


We would greatly appreciate it if you could share with us the following:

1.    The excerpt of diversity statements used as experimental stimuli; AND

2.    The items used to measure DV; AND

3.    One of the following:

a.    full or parts of the relevant dataset
b.    relevant descriptive statistics of measures for each condition by participant race/ethnicity or gender (i.e., N, M, SD for each cell)


Please let us know if you have any questions.

Thank you,

Lillian Kim
Lab Manager/Research Associate, Purdue University

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