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Amber Stark

SIOP’s Incorporation Celebration Continues

In 3 days, on June 18, SIOP will officially mark the 40th anniversary of its incorporation! We continue the celebration of this milestone by looking back—at the road to incorporation—and forward—by sharing some interesting “then and now” facts.

The decision to incorporate was supported by 87% of the 619 members who voted after a thorough examination of the advantages and disadvantages of incorporation. The purpose of incorporation was, and is, “to promote human welfare through the various applications of psychology to all types of organizations providing goods or services.”

Learn more about SIOP’s road to incorporation on pages 7-9 of the November 1982 issue of TIP.

During the 2022 SIOP Annual Conference Opening Plenary, then-President Steven Rogelberg shared an anniversary video as part of his speech. The video includes several examples of SIOP “then” versus SIOP “now,” including a look at membership and demographics, conference details, and graduate program numbers. You can view the video on YouTube.

Rogelberg concluded his speech by sharing two birthday wishes:

My first wish is that as a community we each seek ways to leverage I-O to address critical societal issues around racism, poverty, inequalities, and improving the work lives for vulnerable populations. We have a role to play.

My second wish is for each of us to help nurture I-O psychology’s science-practice ideals and values. Having practitioners, students, and academics under the same roof serves as an incredible opportunity for each of us. It is so, so rare in a professional organization. But, it is just a starting point. Each of needs to push outside of our comfort zones to realize the potential of this incredible professional diversity.

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You can find the first article and second article in this series on our website.

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