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Amber Stark

SIOP Fellow Advocates I-O Psychology Before Congress

On June 8, SIOP Past President and Fellow Steven Rogelberg testified before the U.S. Select Committee on the Modernization of Congress on the topic of being successful and engaging others in very difficult working environments. More specifically, he discussed how industrial-organizational psychology could be used to assist members of Congress, their staffs, and the institution. 

“I am tremendously grateful for the opportunity to advocate for I-O science and evidence-based practice to improve such a critical government institution,” Rogelberg said. “I am also grateful to SIOP for all the past and current efforts to make I-O visible to key policy makers.”

Rogelberg used his time to explain that although Congress might not be structured like the average workplace, I-O psychology practices can still be applied. He went on to discuss how to create workplace improvement strategies and set up attainable goals. He also suggested training courses that would be relevant to the working environment.

Click here to watch the full hearing.

More information about SIOP Advocacy can be found here.

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