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Amber Stark

SIOP Work Smart Session Helps Elevate Your Workplace Communication

The fourth session of the SIOP Work Smart Series: Content + Connection will be held August 18. I³: Inspiring, Inclusive, & Influential Communication will bring together Ludmila Praslova, Morgan Miles, Amy Grubb, Bahareh Soltani, and Stacè Middlebrooks to help registrants strategize their workplace communications. These experts bring knowledge from multiple fields, including neurodiversity, inclusion/belonging, and data storytelling. Not only will this session share evidence-based approaches for how to be more persuasive, inclusive, and motivating, but it will also showcase different ways to engage in a virtual collaborative environment.

Attendees will leave this session being able to:

  • Explain the connection between inclusive communication and inspiring/influential communication
  • Describe key factors that influence persuasion and attitude change
  • Debate whether attitudes cause behavior or behavior causes attitudes
  • Identify at least three communication strategies that are designed to increase persuasiveness of messages
  • Predict which communication strategies will be most effective with a specific individual in your organization
  • Prepare communication plans that will be widely persuasive
  • Create and share ground rules for effective online learning experiences
  • Moderate an online learning experience that is dynamic and engaging

Register now to take the first step in improving your communication skills.

CE credit will also be available for this session. Questions about this session or the Work Smart Series in general can be sent to  

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