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Amber Stark

New SIOP Demographic Infographic Now Available

The SIOP Membership Committee Member Analytics Subcommittee has posted version two of its SIOP demographic infographic.

Launched in summer 2021, the infographic was created for anyone interested in learning more about SIOP and the broader I-O psychology field. It includes important data on member demographics such as work industry, education history, gender breakdown, and location. The subcommittee plans to update the infographic each year with data from the preceding membership year.

“We want to encourage our members to get to know one another, find affinity groups with whom to partner and connect, and use the information to promote SIOP,” said Steven Zhou, SIOP Member Analytics Subcommittee co-chair. “SIOP leadership also uses the information to develop strategic plans for recruiting new members, ensuring that we provide ample support for members from different backgrounds, and engage in diverse representation among the membership.

“We know you have many choices when it comes to professional membership, and we want to make sure SIOP is the best fit for your needs and interests. Collecting and interpreting data on our members is one way toward better understanding our membership body.”

Subcommittee members would like everyone to take a few minutes to log in to their account and click on “Edit Demographic Information” to fill out missing fields. This data will be used in aggregate to help SIOP make strategic decisions regarding membership and to produce reports like the infographic.

“One of the biggest challenges with membership data is that we have many missing data fields. For example, almost half of our members do not provide their race/ethnicity,” Zhou said.

Learn about our data privacy policy. If you have a specific question regarding membership data and would like additional analyses or reports, please fill out the committee’s data request form.

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