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Jenny Baker

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Industrial and organizational psychology (I-O psychology), an applied discipline within psychology, is the science of human behavior in the workplace and-- depending on the region of the world--is referred to by different names. The discipline involves both research and practice, and I-O psychologists apply psychological theories and principles to organizations and the individuals within them. They contribute to an organization's success by improving the job performance, wellbeing, motivation, job satisfaction and the health and safety of employees. An I-O psychologist conducts research on employee behaviors and attitudes, and how these can be improved through recruitment processes, training programs, feedback, and management systems. I-O psychology research and practice also includes the work–nonwork interface such as transitioning into a career, retirement, and work-family conflict and balance.

This publication will provide empirical and theoretical work on industrial/organizational psychology within a multicultural context. This is a perspective not normally examined in the extant literature on I-O psychology. Given the extent to which organizations today are increasingly comprised of employees from different cultural and language backgrounds, studying the cultural aspect of I-O psychology has become a necessity. The post-pandemic world in which the remote or hybrid workplace is becoming increasingly common adds importance to the multicultural perspective of the discipline due to the distances involved between employees and management.

For further information regarding this project, its various due dates, and the target audiences please review the following website:

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