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Jenny Baker

Call for Papers: Native American and Indigeneous Persons' Work Issues Research in Human Resource Management

The U. S. Bureau of the Census (2022) estimates that there are 6.79 million Native Americans in the U. S. (2.09% of the entire population). Further, there are about 574 federally recognized Native American tribes in the nation. In addition, the World Bank reports that there are 476 million Indigenous People worldwide, and they make up about 6% of the global population. Many live in poverty, have a low life expectancy, and have difficulty gaining access to jobs (World Bank, 2022). There are several reasons for this including unfair discrimination or prejudice, that reservations are located in remote locations with few employers, many of these individuals have lower levels of education than their counterparts, and differences in cultural values create a variety of challenges for them in work organizations.

Although there are a large number of Indigeneous people around the world, relatively little research has focused on their work issues (Stone et al., 2022). Thus, the primary goal of the present special issue is to spark interest in research on a variety of issues that Native American and Indigeneous people experience in the workplace. Thus, we ask authors to submit their papers for the special issue.

Special issue topics should focus on micro-oriented OB, HR, and I-O psychology work issues facing Native Americans and Indigeneous persons. Suggested topics include factors affecting their job satisfaction, enhancing well-being, differences in cultural values and impact on HR practices, alternative work arrangements, unique talents and skills these individuals bring to the workforce, etc. 

Papers are due November 1, 2023.

If interested in submitting, please email and include a couple of sentences on your topic. Submit a short proposal (1-3 pages) by November 1, 2022.

Research in HRM is a peer reviewed research series. Papers will be reviewed by two SMEs and the editors.

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