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Jenny Baker

APA 2023 Science Summits Call for Proposals

APA will feature three new science summits to showcase outstanding science and discuss the future of research. These summits highlight top research and provide critical discussions that can guide and inspire scientists across broad areas of research.

We encourage you to submit a division session proposal. Submitters with an accepted division session will be invited to be co-listed with the relevant science summit.

Science of Aging
Psychological science has offered tremendous advances in understanding many aspects of aging, including changes in social and cognitive functioning, and in occupational performance or status. Psychological science also contributes to understanding pathways to Alzheimer’s Disease and dementias; as well as developing prevention and intervention strategies for these conditions. This agenda-setting summit will discuss the latest findings and highlight areas where research is needed.

Science That Will Save Our Planet
The crisis of climate change can only be changed by adjusting human behavior. There are many areas of psychological science, and many scientists, who can offer an important impact on how humans understand, communicate, and respond to climate change issues and change behavior in ways that can extend the survival of our species on earth.

Science of Diversity, Free Speech, & Academic Freedom
The U.S. in the midst of vigorous debates about free speech, particularly regarding content that centers the origins and consequences of oppression. Banning books featuring LGBTQ+ characters and people of color are at an all-time high. Restrictions on K-12 school curricula have increased. High-profile news events spotlight concerns about academic freedom to teach critical race theory and other polarizing scholarly content at the college level. This summit will include a discussion of the role of psychological science in this debate and discuss future research priorities.

Division session proposals are open NOW until Tuesday, January 10, 2023.



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